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Cruiserweight Classic: Who is HoHo Lun?

With WWE's Cruiserweight Classic coming soon, RealSport takes a look at one of the men involved, HoHo Lun.

As we draw closer to WWE’s much anticipated “Cruiserweight Classic” we here at Real Sport are taking a look at some of the competitors that WWE have handpicked from around the world.

Today the man in the spotlight is HoHo Lun.


Where He Wrestles

While he might not be as well known here in the states, HoHo Lun is already a veteran in the East, despite only being 28 years old. While Lun puts much of his focus in Hong Kong, where he founded Hong Kong Pro Wrestling Federation, his travels have been extensive. With stints in federations in Taiwan, Singapore, Portugal, and the UK, international competition is something Lun is no stranger to. He’s also plied his trade in Japan in Michinoku Pro Wrestling and Land’s End Pro Wrestling.



Much like some of his fellow wrestlers in neighboring Japan, this Hong Kong native’s style centers largely on being strike-heavy. Between powerful kicks and knees, Lun will use that as a basis for most of his strategy. Lun also brings an almost american charisma and flare that comes out not only in his entrance, but at times in the ring. Top that off with a technically sounds German Suplex that he’s put away many with, and Lun is no slouch.



While his departure from the federation he built in Hong Kong is unlikely, WWE’s recent push into the Chinese market could play a part here. While Lun is practically guaranteed not to win the entire tournament, expect him to advance a few rounds and showcase what Hong Kong has to offer.

Patches Chance

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Cruiserweight Classic: Who is HoHo Lun?

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