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Cruiserweight Classic: Who is Fabian Aichner?

With WWE's Cruiserweight Classic coming soon, RealSport takes a look at one of the men involved, Ariya Daivari.

As we draw closer to WWE’s much anticipated “Cruiserweight Classic” we here at Real Sport are taking a look at some of the competitors that WWE have handpicked from around the world.

Today the man in the spotlight is Fabian Aichner.


Where He Wrestles

Aichner, also known in Europe under the name Adrian Severe, has come from a rough upbringing to burst into the European independent scene and has been honing his craft since 2011. In his short career, Aichner has spent most of his time in New European Championship Wrestling and Power of Wrestling. Fabian has seen some success as well, having held the NEW World Heavyweight Championship on two separate occasions.


Fabian Aichner will bring a technical skill and power into hybrid style that will see him as an equal threat in the air. While that technical prowess will form the base of his style inside the ring, Aichner is most deadly when he goes high-risk. He’s best known for his version of the Frog Splash, which is less like what you’d see in from current competitors like Seth Rollins, but instead more reminiscent of Hiroshi Tanahashi’s High Fly Flow. The reason being is that Aichner will often go for the frog splash on standing opponents, much like Tanahashi.


It’s hard to tell exactly what to expect from Aichner. He’s relatively young in his career, but he seems to have all the necessary tools. He’ll have an interesting opening contest up against “The Gentleman” Jack Gallagher, who is definitely not to be underestimated. If Aichner can slip past him, there’s no way he makes it past round two. I can just about guarantee Akira Tozawa would be his opponent, and he’d destroy ol’ Fabian. 

Patches Chance

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Cruiserweight Classic: Who is Fabian Aichner?

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