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Cruiserweight Classic: Who is Anthony Bennett?

With WWE's Cruiserweight Classic coming soon, RealSport takes a look at one of the men involved, Anthony Bennett.

As we draw closer to WWE’s much anticipated “Cruiserweight Classic” we here at Real Sport are taking a look at some of the competitors that WWE have handpicked from around the world.

Today the man in the spotlight is Anthony Bennett.

Where He Wrestles

Bennett is a fresh fish in the world of wrestling, but he hasn’t let that keep his spirits down. His experience is as a student at competitor with “The World Famous Monster Factory” in South Jersey. While there, he’s had extensive training, including some by current coach The Blue Meanie. Yes, same one. Bennett has made a splash there, and even defended the promotion’s Supersonic Championship in a ladder match earlier this year.


Bennett’s wrestling style is technical, with an emphasis on high-flying ability and utilizing his less than 150-pound frame. However, it’s the non-physical aspects that Bennett brings which stand out the most. The first thing you’ll notice is the hair, and the second thing might be the two pairs of sunglasses. One for him…one for his hair. Bennett’s eccentric, high-energy style will stand out in a field littered with ring masters.


Low, but he’s full of potential and has exactly the kind of charisma WWE loves. Bennett is going up against Tony Nese is the opening round, which will be a tough challenge, but a strong showing could leave a door open for him to come to NXT after he garners more experience.

Patches Chance

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Cruiserweight Classic: Who is Anthony Bennett?

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