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Cena Crushes Styles (Smackdown Live Recap 17/08/16)

The final Smackdown Live before SummerSlam comes in from Austin, Texas. Will Dean Ambrose go into SummerSlam with the upper hand over Dolph?

This week’s show began with Heath Slater interrupting Randy Orton signing a contract. Heath had come to apologise to his bosses for his actions last week, but they refused to just offer him a new deal. Randy had an idea, but he left us hanging as to what it was… I wonder what he could have in mind for the hottest free agent in all of sports entertainment?

Next it was time for Miz Tv, with his guests WWE World Champion Dean Ambrose and Number One Contender Dolph Ziggler. The Miz then laid into Dolph, telling him that many, many people had written him off, and that this was probably his last chance. Dolph said he wasn’t worried about a last chance, and that Dean should be the worried one as he’s pushed Dolph to this point. Dean reminded him that it doesn’t get easier when you win the World Title, it gets a hell of a lot tougher. Dean then went on to say that the only thing he’ll prove on Sunday is the same thing he’s always proved, that being that he cannot handle the pressure of a big match. Dolph then went on a long, emotional rant telling Dean that when he’s looking for one last shot before abruptly ending his sentence and superkicking the champion in the face, before walking out. Dolph sending the biggest message of the night, and he didn’t even need any words to do so.

The entire Tag Team division was on showcase next, with The Usos, American Alpha and the Hype Bros taking on The VaudeVillains, The Ascension and Breezango. Viktor took advantage of an early tag to attack Chad Gable, but the hype bros hit a nice tagging combination to take over, before everyone spilled into the ring at once for a mass brawl. Who saw that coming? Literally everybody. The match resumed after the break to some sort of order, and Jimmy Uso was in the ring taking it to Aiden English. Jordan then tagged himself in, before a melee of finishers followed, but American Alpha were able to pick up the win for their team after hitting the Grand Amplitude.

Next up, it was yet again time for the third (and hopefully last) debut of Eva Marie, as her last two debuts were written off by Injury and Wardrobe malfunction respectively. Naomi was to be her opponent, and she herself debuted a new, dance-based entrance that actually looked really cool. Eva was unable to make her debut yet again, this time due to traffic. So, yet again, no match happened.

There was a backstage segment with Del Rio and AJ Styles, AJ mocks Del Rio and reminds him that he’s in one of the biggest matches at SummerSlam, and Del Rio isn’t even on the card. 

It was then time for Heath Slater’s last chance for a Smackdown Live contract, as he battled against Randy Orton. Orton was immediately in control, as he threw him shoulder-first into both ring posts.  Orton then pinned him in a corner and continuously beat down on him, forcing referee Mike Chioda to call for the bell, and Slater actually officially wins the match via disqualification. Orton wasn’t done there, however, as he performed his traditional mid-rope DDT, but this time did so from the barricade on the outside. Orton then brought Slater back into the ring, before delivering a German Suplex’s of his own, mocking the beast. He then finally hit the RKO, ending the assault on poor Heath.

Backstage, there was a segment with Heath Slater, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan as they went to offer a very concussed Slater a contract since he technically beat Orton by disqualification, but pulled away at the last minute before Slater could sign it. 

Next up it was time for the WWE World Champion Dean Ambrose to take on Erick Rowan. Ambrose was able to take advantage of a clumsy Rowan, as he kicked him to the outside with a missile dropkick. Erick Rowan didn’t take too kindly to this, as he threw him from pillar to post outside of the ring before locking in a headlock in the centre of the ring. Ambrose being the lunatic he is refused to stay down for long, as he continuously fought back, ending up on the top rope dropping a huge forearm across the face of Rowan. Dean was then able to kick the big guy in the gut, before locking in and slamming home Dirty Deeds to pick up an impressive win. Bray, who was watching on, then walked away from his so called family member, leaving his white sheep alone in the ring.

Tag Team action from within the women’s division was next, with Becky Lynch and Carmella taking on Alexa Bliss and Natalya. Carmella started off against Natalya, but it was to be the Queen of Hearts who took the upper hand, hitting a vicious discus clothesline before tagging in Alexa Bliss. Bliss continued the assault, but Carmella was able to struggle free and tag in the Straight Fire that is Becky Lynch, as she took the fight to Natalya. Eva Marie then decided to show up, and was chased around the ring by a furious Naomi. Natalya got distracted by the behaviour outside the ring, and allowed Becky to take full advantage, locking in the dis-arm-her to make Natty submit and pick up the win for her team.

There was a short backstage segment with Baron Corbin attacking Kalisto again, after he caused him to lose the triple threat match and his chance to compete for the Intercontinental Title. 

It was then time for the night’s main event, Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena with the Phenomenal AJ Styles on commentary. The matchup began with the two men exchanging locks and holds, with Cena taking the advantage with a huge hip toss before the commercial break. It was his opponent Del Rio who was in control when the match resumed, landing hard strikes to his opponent’s body. Del Rio then hit a German Suplex into a bridged pinfall, but Cena was able to kick out at Two. Del Rio continued striking his opponent with vicious kicks to the body, before the show cut to yet another break. Cena capitalised over the break, and began his Five moves of doom, but Del Rio didn’t take kindly to this and reversed an attempted AA with a backstabber. Cena kept refusing to lie down, however, kicking out at Two from several kicks to the head and was finally able to hit Del Rio with the AA and pick up the win.

AJ Styles didn’t like this, not one bit, and hit an unsuspecting Cena with a phenomenal forearm, before delivering a scathing message to Cena – but Cena didn’t like this and popped up to deliver an AA to Styles, before taking it one step further and delivering another one to Styles, put this time sending him right through the announce table. Because what makes a feud better than John goddamn Cena putting one of the best wrestlers in the world through a table? Literally anything else. John ‘Superman’ Cena, his massive metaphoric shovel and his ego to match once again come out on top. For what reason? I guess we’ll have to find out this Sunday at SummerSlam.

So that’s all for yet another brilliant episode of Smackdown Live. Who will come out on top this Sunday? Make sure you check back all week for SummerSlam content as well as our full predictions.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below telling me what you thought of Smackdown Live, as well as following myself on Twitter here: @LiamGeraldShone and the site here @realsport101.

Liam’s Smackdown Live rating: 8/10.


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Cena Crushes Styles (Smackdown Live Recap 17/08/16)

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