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Caps Locks and Chair Shots Podcast: Reunited and it feels so good (TLC)

On the brand new and improved Caps Locks and Chair Shots Podcast, Dan Dorrett, Jaime Aldecoa, and Ed Brickeen discuss some interesting topics in wrestling and sports.

Ever wonder which is a better faction, the New Day or the Shield? The dudes debate that, and the answer may surprise you. Tune in for that segment as Dan does his best to give Ed a stroke. Not to mention, we reveal who we think turns on who in each faction. How will the Shield and the New Day split? Answers inside.

Is it possible that Billy Corgan could be involved in Anthem Entertainment after all? With Double J now gone from the Impact scheme of things, the door is wide open for Corgan to resurrect the NWA with the help of Impact. Listen to Ed’s take on things and be the judge for yourself. 

While we are on Impact Wrestling, Bound for Glory is on the horizon. Is Eli Drake the man who should be the flag bearer for Impact as they move up north to Toronto? Jaime thinks so. 

Is Randy Orton closer to Tim Duncan, Dennis Rodman, or … Kobe Bryant?! Yeah, Jaime went there. Tune in to see why the Viper is more like the Mamba. You can actually hear Dan’s mind get blown.

All of this plus:

Dan’s hot girl of the show (he flip-flops on his choice).
Jaime’s long gone wrestler of the show (there is no love, nor power, in his pick).
The fantasy pick of the show.
The holy crap moment in sports.
What to watch for on the sporting landscape.


The dudes give you their one big takeaway from TLC.

Oh, and we preview Survivor Series.

All of this (and a little extra) on the New and Improved Caps Locks and Chair Shots Podcast (NSFW)

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Ed Brickeen

Hockey is in my heart, baseball is in my soul, but wrestling is my life

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Caps Locks and Chair Shots Podcast: Reunited and it feels so good (TLC)

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