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Breaking: Over 50 ex-wrestlers to sue WWE

Wrestlers take action against WWE for head trauma and failing to take care of past injuries

More tha 50 ex-wrestlers have filed suit against World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., claiming that the WWE are responsible for their long-term neurological damage and for failing to care for the their injuries.

WWE have denied the allegations, they say that an attorney for the ex-wrestlers previously made false claims against the company and filed lawsuits against them which ended up being dismissed. Of course that has little to do with a case that is eerily similar to a class action lawsuit that was filed against the NFL by ex-players stating that the NFL did not warn them and went on to hide from them the dangers and effects of brain damage. That suit resulted in a $765 million settlement with the NFL agreeing to pay for medical exams for it’s former players and underwrite research into brain injuries and their long term effects.

While WWE have had a concussion protocol for their wrestlers for a while now it has come under fire for certain aspects of it, most notably from CM Punk in his interview with Colt Cabana on his Art of Wrestling podcast.

Those wrestlers involved in the suit are as follows:

  • Joe Laurinaitis (Road Warrior Animal)
  • Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka (through his guardian, Carole Snuka)
  • “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff
  • Salvador Guerrero III and IV (Chavo Guerrero Sr. and Jr.)
  • Bryan Clark (Adam Bomb)
  • Anthony Norris (Ahmed Johnson)
  • James Harris (Kamala)
  • twin referees Dave and Earl Hebner
  • Chris Pallies (King Kong Bundy)
  • Ken Patera
  • Terry Brunk (Sabu)
  • Barry Darrow (Demolition Smash and later Repo Man)
  • Bill Eadie (The Masked Superstar, then Super Machine and later Demolition Ax)
  • “Jumpin’” Jim Brunzell
  • Susan Green
  • Angelo “King Kong” Mosca (also a former pro football legend in the CFL)
  • James Manley (Jim Powers)
  • Mike Enos, Bruce Reed (“The Natural” Butch Reed)
  • Carli Moore-Begnaud (Jazz)
  • Sylvain Grenier
  • Omar Mijares (Omar Atlas)
  • Don Leo Heaton (Don Leo Jonathan)
  • Troy Martin (Shane Douglas and later Dean Douglas)
  • Marc Copani (Muhammad Hassan)
  • Mark Canterbury (Henry O. Godwin)
  • Victoria Otis (Princess Victoria)
  • Judy Hardee (Judy Martin)
  • Mark Jindrak (currently Marco Corleone in Mexico)
  • Brian Knighton (Axl Rotten) via his estate
  • Marty Jannetty
  • Jon Heidenreich
  • Terry Szopinski (The Warlord)
  • Sione Valhi (The Barbarian)
  • Larry Oliver (“The Crippler” Rip Oliver and later Super Ninja)
  • Bobbi Billard
  • Timothy Smith (Timothy Well, better known outside WWE as Rex King)
  • Tracy Smothers (known in WWE as Freddie Joe Floyd)
  • Mike Halac (Mantaur)
  • Rick Jones (Black Bart)
  • Ken Johnson (“The Doctor of Style” Slick)
  • George Gray (One Man Gang and later Akeem “The African Dream”)
  • Ferrin Jesse Barr (Jimmy Jack Funk)
  • “Beefstew” Lou Marconi
  • Rod Price
  • Don Driggers
  • Rodney Begnaud (Red Dogg and later Rodney Mack, the husband of co-plaintiff Carli Moore-Begnaud AKA Jazz)
  • Ronald Heard (“Outlaw” Ron Bass)
  • Boris Zhukov (previously known as Jim Nelson, it appears he’s changed his legal name to that of his wrestling persona)
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Breaking: Over 50 ex-wrestlers to sue WWE

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