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Baron Corbin may be ruined by his failed cash-in attempt

Baron botching his opportunity at WWE Championship glory is definitely a negative out come for both WWE and Corbin here's why.

This week during the Smackdown Live main event Corbin failed to win after cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on Jinder Mahal. The segment has drawn mixed reactions from fans, some don’t believe he is ready to carry to the championship while others believe this was the ultimate sign of Vince deciding to bury Baron. I stand somewhere in the middle. 

Corbin didn’t need the briefcase

From the start, I was never a fan of Baron Corbin winning the Money in the Bank briefcase, not because I don’t like Corbin rather because I didn’t think that was the best way for his character to finally get the championship. However, this could be an even worse scenario for Corbin going forward. 

In an ideal world, I would have had Baron continue being a vicious man who will destroy anyone who pisses him off in the most brutal fashion possible. Leaving a trail of carnage behind him until he set his sights on the WWE Championship where he would defeat the champion quite easily. 

Think of Braun Strowman with less of the “mountain/monster among men” schtick but more of a Brock Lesnar conquer all comers feel. For Baron’s character to be as good as it could possibly be he shouldn’t need to take short cuts, he should be the obstacle for others to get around. 

In my mind, the only way to save the potential for Baron to fulfil that kind of character is to have him beat Cena in a squash reminiscent of Brock Lesnar squashing Cena years ago. 

Ruining a powerhouse

However, if Cena does end up beating Corbin, I’m afraid that any credibility that Corbin could have as a monster heel will be gone. Why would you be scared of Corbin if not only did he fail to defeat Jinder Mahal who had just taken Cena’s strongest offence but he failed to get his revenge afterwards? What. A. Chump.

Potentially not being able to build up Corbin into the character he could be is not only a bummer for Corbin but a huge loss for WWE as a whole. The character I pitched above is an excellent tool for telling compelling stories and building up babyfaces. 

The ability to build an underdog babyface is something Smackdown Live needs with people like Sami Zayn, Chad Gable and Tye Dillenger on the roster. It feels like a classic oversight in booking with WWE not looking far enough ahead.

Where does he go from here?

There isn’t much of a precedent for failing cash ins given there are only two people who have and one of them is John Cena, who won the match by disqualification but didn’t get the title. The other is Damian Sandow and things didn’t go too well for him in the end. 

We can only wait and see how this pans out, however, my immediate reaction is that this does not bode well for Baron Corbin. 

What do you think about Corbin’s failed cash-in? Let us know in the comments below!

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Baron Corbin may be ruined by his failed cash-in attempt

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