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Baron Corbin: Four ways he could cash in Money in the Bank

Baron Corbin is enjoying being Mr. Money in the Bank, but here we nail down the different ways WWE can choose to handle his eventual cash in.

Since winning Money in the Bank back in June, there has been no doubt that WWE are pushing Baron Corbin as the future face of SmackDown Live. Since winning the briefcase, he’s been involved in a short rivalry with Shinsuke Nakamura, who he attacked before the Money in the Bank match even began. There are countless ways WWE may choose to execute Corbin’s eventual cash in, but these four stand out. 

  1. 1 Attack the champion during an in-ring promo with the briefcase

    Although it didn’t work for Damien Sandow, having Corbin attack the champion during an in-ring promo would give him more heat on his character and give him an early edge if he decides to cash in the contract. Using the briefcase before officially cashing it in will also give the match less time to finish as the champion would be beaten up and bruised before the bell rings, giving Corbin time to set up End of Days, this will result in a quick victory and him leaving the arena as the new WWE Champion.

  2. 2 Cash-in on someone who has only just won the championship

    This is likely to happen at SummerSlam. If Nakamura pins Mahal and wins the WWE Championship, seeing the history between Corbin and Nakamura, it is highly likely that Corbin will want to rain on Nakamura’s parade and quickly cash in on him, ending his first reign as quickly as it began. It would also potentially lead to a rivalry between the two for the WWE Championship.

  3. 3 Have him break the record for the longest time holding the contract

    The longest time to hold the contract before cashing in currently stands at 280 days, which is what the first winner, Edge did back in 2005-2006. Corbin could hold the contract and tease cashing in anytime the champion looks vulnerable. He would then leave, laughing his head off, causing him to mess with the champions head. He could then say in his promos that he’s inside the champions head and end up cashing in a day after breaking Edge’s record.

  4. 4 Cash in halfway through a title match

    WWE could also have Corbin do a carbon-copy of Seth Rollins and cash in halfway through a title match. This could happen at SummerSlam with Corbin pinning Nakamura to win the title, which could also lead to a triple threat match at the next SmackDown pay-per-view. 

Baron Corbin should be kept strong before the cash-in, which means he should be winning at least seventy percent of his matches before cashing in to become the WWE Champion. He should be in contention to beat CM Punk’s reign as WWE Champion. 

There is one thing for certain, Baron Corbin is going to be a big name going forward in the WWE, potentially joining the WWE Hall of Fame down the road if he continues his career path as it appears now. 

How do you think WWE should have Corbin cash in? Let us know in the comments below!

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Baron Corbin: Four ways he could cash in Money in the Bank

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