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Ambrose Lays Down the Law (Raw Recap 11th July)

Raw this week comes in from Detroit, Michigan and has the potential to be monumental episode, with title challenges and huge ego-clashes!

The show began with the battle royal to determine the new number one contender for the Intercontinental title. It featured such stars as Baron Corbin, Apollo Crews, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler. Aiden English was the first to go, being tossed over the top rope by Goldust. Thankfully, R-truth was also eliminated, as were both members of the Ascension. During the break, Jey Uso and Simon Gotch were both eliminated. Goldust was dispatched of, via a mean enziguri from Del Rio.

Corbin then eliminated both Jimmy Uso and Jack Swagger. Darren Young, who is still embroiled in the process of being made great again, then eliminated Bubba Dudley. Apollo Crews then eliminated Del Rio, leaving us with just Ziggler, Crews, Corbin and Young. Corbin then tossed over Ziggler, then was eliminated by Crews who got all tied up and also got eliminated, and Darren Young won and becomes the new Number One Contender. Is Darren Young Great Again? As long as it ends those god awful promos, I’m okay with it.

There was then a backstage segment between Stephanie, Shane and Seth Rollins, and Seth was granted a talk show, named the Rollins Report, to expose Roman Reigns for being disrespectful.

The WWE commentary team then spoke about Brock Lesnar’s weekend victory over Mark Hunt at UFC 200, and that massive sigh you heard was Vince exhaling as his huge gamble paid off.

Zack Ryder then challenged Rusev for the US title, face-to-face. This was short lived however, as Sheamus attacked him from behind, reminding him that he had a scheduled matchup against himself, and that was next.

So it was then time for the aforementioned match. The match started with Zack assaulting Sheamus, still obviously upset from the events backstage. Ryder dominating the early proceedings. Sheamus then hit Ryder with a brogue kick to win the match, before Rusev came out and laid a beating on Ryder. He locked him in the accolade, before confirming that he accepted his challenge, and held his US championship over the head of a depleted Zack Ryder.

Breezango made their way to the ring, to face off against the Lucha Dragons. Sin Cara faced off against Fandango to start the match, who briefly exchanged dance moves, before the Lucha Dragons started to show their high flying ability and took advantage. Sin Cara then got tag to Kalisto, who came into the match and took to the air against Tyler Breeze. Tyler Breeze then caught Kalisto off guard, kicking him in the face before rolling him up off the middle rope to pick up the win. They started off has a bit of a joke, but Breezango are actually looking more and more impressive each day.

Next up, it was time for the first ever Rollins Report, as he claimed to have secret information regarding the Roman Reigns scandal. Rollins had used a clever mashup of a previous interview that Roman had done, making it look like Roman was a bad guy and disregarding his suspension. Seth then pursued his goal of having Roman removed from the triple threat match, before the WWE Champion, Dean Ambrose made his way to the ring.

Seth then spoke about how Dean will never beat him in a fair match and at battleground it’ll be settled who is the best man from the Shield, and It’ll be Rollins. Dean then told the world what he’d been through to finally get the title, how much more would he do to keep it? He then offered Rollins a one on one match any time, any place for the title. Rollins then stormed off, saying they’d battle on his time, and no one else’s.

It was then time for Sami Zayn to make his way to the commentary, but Kevin Owens refused to come out for his match unless Zayn left ringside. Kevin Owens then made his way to the ring, passing Zayn, but the two started brawling again, but were quickly separated by the officials. Vince, however, decided that this was the time he decided to return, and that he would be announcing the new commissioner for Smackdown Live. 

Back to the scheduled match, with Kevin Owens taking on Cesaro. Owens started the matchup on top, kicking Cesaro into the timekeeper’s arena. KO then dragged Cesaro back into the ring, before he began to fight back, hitting him with a standing suplex, before hosting an uppercut party, just for Kevin.

The matchup returned after break, with Owens back in control and proving why he’s the Headlock Master, and Cesaro attempted an escape. Owens then decided to go bowling, but Cesaro rolled out of the way. The Swiss Superman then began to regain momentum, as he took on the role of Swiss cowboy as he hit a flying cross body from the top rope. Owens then reversed a top rope move, and hit Cesaro with a swinging NeckBreaker. Owens then spoke about how he was the best in the world, before Zayn returned and jumped Owens.

It was then time for the toilet break match of the night, with Heath Slater taking on Titus O Neil. Titus man-handled Heath, tossing him around the ring and chopping him at will. Heath Slater then surprisingly got some offence, before Titus got sick of it and began treating Heath like the man baby he is. He hit him the clash of the Titus, and picked up an easy win.

Up next, it was time for the highlights of the fight between the New Day and the Wyatt family at the compound. The New Day took a clear a vicious beating at the compound, before beginning to limp away. The Wyatt’s didn’t take kindly to their attempted escape, and unveiled an army of lurking white sheep. The New Day should be very, very worried.

It was then time for Gallows and Anderson to take on Enzo and Big Cass in Tag Team action. The match started with Enzo and Anderson in the ring, with Enzo on top. That was until Luke Gallows tagged himself in, and turned Enzo into a ragdoll. The two then exchanged tags, keeping Enzo down. That didn’t last too long, as big Cass got himself tagged in and levelled the playing field, only to tag Enzo back in and have the match revert to its previous state, and have Gallows launch Enzo into the ring post. Anderson resumed the match after the break, but quickly tagged in Gallows who continued a scrappy fight back and eventually got the hot tag to big Cass, who quickly hit Anderson with an empire elbow, before tagging in Enzo for the Rocket Launcher. AJ then got involved, throwing Cass to the outside, causing the disqualification, before all three men surrounded Enzo. Just as they were about to strike, John Cena came to make the save to prove he really does care about his new team mates.

Next up, it was time for the one and only Women’s match of the night (remember the divas revolution? Lol.)

With the boss Sasha Banks taking on Dana Brooke. Sasha started the match firmly on top, forcing Dana out of the ring on 3 separate occasions.

The matchup returned after the break with Dana controlling Sasha with a headlock. Dana then forced Sasha into the corner, before tossing her to the ground. Sasha then fought her way back into the match, slamming Dana’s head into the middle turnbuckle. Sasha then hit the Bank Statement and forced Dana to tap out right in front of her mentor.

Next up it was time for the final segment of the night, Vince’s announcement on who would be the first ever commissioner of Smackdown Live. Vince congratulated the two on running Raw, but admitted he was slightly angered by their lack of McMahonisms. He explained he wanted competition on Smackdown. Stephanie then put her case forward for being commissioner, and slated Shane off to no end. It was then Shane’s turn and he explained that he is the only one who talks to Vince how it is, and how everyone was excited by his return because he represents change.

And Vince chose… SHANE O MAC! Shane is the very first commissioner of Smackdown Live, whilst Stephanie regained control of Raw. Vince then ensured that the two must compete in every damn way to better one another. However, both needed to name a General Manager next week on Raw.

So that’s it for this week’s raw! With two new number one contenders named, a title match announced for next week and the two McMahon’s each becoming a COO of a weekly show, what can happen next?

Liam’s Raw Rating: 8/10

Liam Shone

Liam is a WWE/Football writer for the site and supports the Oakland Raiders and Liverpool FC. He's been writing for Realsport since March 2016 and began a degree in Sports Journalism in September 2016 at Southampton Solent University.

Ambrose Lays Down the Law (Raw Recap 11th July)

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