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5 things to expect from Monday Night Raw (15 August 2016)

The final Raw before SummerSlam comes in this week from Corpus Christi, Texas. Here’s what you can expect on a potentially explosive Raw

  1. Job Squad

So, with the resurgence of squash matches (matches in which the opponent is purposely weaker in the hope to help put newer, stronger talent over) in recent weeks and the beneficiaries of those matches being Braun Strowman and Nia Jax, will the two new beasts of Monday night actually get a real opponent or will they be resigned to facing more members of the job squad?

  1. JeriKO get their match

So, with Jericho and Kevin Owens seemingly becoming best friends all over again and the ayatollah of rocknrolla Chris Jericho having a problem with Enzo Amore, it would make sense that the four finally clear the air and have a match, which will more than likely feature on the SummerSlam pre-show or the very, very early on the card. However, the four will almost definitely clash one last time on Raw, just to set the ball rolling.

  1. Flair flying solo

Last week, Sasha got her way and had Dana Brooke banished from ringside at SummerSlam after defeating her in a singles match.  For the first time in her main roster career, Charlotte will have no one to back her up, and will have little to no motivation going into Monday Night or SummerSlam, that is however, pending a possible return of some kind for someone who isn’t banned to help her at ringside… a man with a certain amount of Flair. Only time will tell.

  1. The final stand off

The two men that will face off in the first ever WWE Universal title match next Sunday have taken quite the disliking to one another, with Finn Balor accusing Seth Rollins of having this prestigious opportunity handed to him, whilst Seth believes that Finn needs to show some respect to a two-time world champion. This bad blood should wait until Sunday, but I’ve got a strong feeling that these two can’t wait to get their hands on each other and send a message ahead of their huge title match to crown the first ever WWE Universal Champion at SummerSlam.

  1. Lesnar has his final say

So, one week from SummerSlam and Brock Lesnar is set on sending his final warnings to Randy Orton before the two clash in a ‘dream match’. Even though the two shows General Manager’s, Raw’s Mick Foley and Smackdown’s Daniel Bryan, promised that the inter-show interventions would come to an end. However, with the beast and his advocate in the ring, there’s a very high chance that they’ll attempt to lure the serpent from ViperVille and straight down a one-way road to Suplex City.

So that’s what to expect on the final Raw before SummerSlam! Make sure to check back tomorrow for a full Raw recap.

Liam Shone

Liam is a WWE/Football writer for the site and supports the Oakland Raiders and Liverpool FC. He's been writing for Realsport since March 2016 and began a degree in Sports Journalism in September 2016 at Southampton Solent University.

5 things to expect from Monday Night Raw (15 August 2016)

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