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205 Live Recap & Results, August 8, 2017: Friendship over

Who won between TJP and Rich Swann in another friendly match? Also, Noam Dar seeks to bounce back.

Nese gets more premiere

The first match of the night featured the combination of good physique and freak athleticism as Tony Nese and Cedric Alexander squared off. Showing off his perfect physique did not do Nese any favors as the action with Alexander went back and forth.

After both competitors showed off all moves in their arsenal, a series of pin reversals occurred where Nese got the best of Alexander as he pulled his opponent’s trunks for added leverage. Nonetheless, a win in the record books is enough to build up Nese’s status as a Premiere Athlete because bodies and in-ring abilities like that shouldn’t be jobbing at all.

After the match, Nese threw shade on a defeated Alexander stating that he would always be second best as he is not a Premiere Athlete like Nese.

Trying to bounce back

With the Alicia Fox drama far behind, Noam Dar has a new marketing tool nowadays and that is his youth and his accomplishments that came along with that young age. We’ll no longer emphasize on his match with Mark Thomas as we already know these are the types that become squashes so let’s just wait until he manages to piss off somebody in the 205 Live locker room again.

Friendship Over

Despite the back and forth action in the friendly fight between TJP and Rich Swann, the two were treated to “boring” chants from the tired crowd and they stepped up their game. As the action started to become more aerial, Swann pushed the pace but TJP had answers with his signature counters.

Swann looked for the Phoenix Splash and missed but as TJP hit a counter attack, Swann kicked out and got up on TJP’s shoulders but got dropped and landed on the turnbuckle which dazed him enough for TJP to set up his detonation kick for the win.

The Duke of Dab wasn’t done as he continued to show cockiness and talk trash to his defeated friend but Swann said that he feels bad not because of the loss but because of TJP’s antics and that he now knows who TJP really is.

Quick Results

  • Tony Nese def. Cedric Alexander
  • Noam Dar def. Mark Thomas
  • TJP def. Rich Swann

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205 Live Recap & Results, August 8, 2017: Friendship over

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