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205 Live Preview: Another Friendly Fight

TJP is out to prove superiority between him and buddy Rich Swann which is why the two will collide in another friendly fight tonight.

Another Friendly Fight

The friendly rivalry between former Cruiserweight Champions TJP and Rich Swann is reaching a whole new level as they take on each other one-on-one again tonight but this time might just have better stakes. Swann wanted to see the kind of TJP that won the Cruiserweight Classic last year and not the one that played sidekick to the champion Neville as he desperately begged for his title shot.

It seemed like Swann got what he wanted as he was bested by TJP these past few weeks but not without questionable means at times. Will we see some clean and serious competition tonight as they battle for an nth time?

Close to breaking point

The man with the plan The Brian Kendrick seemed to have not been ready for what was coming his way as an aggressive side to Jack Gallagher emerged after weeks of insult after insult to the great nation of Britain. Though he has shown a gentlemanly demeanor since his WWE debut, Gallagher is close to his breaking point as his buttons get pushed further down. Did Kendrick indeed get more than he had bargained for?

Also notable…

Tony Nese seemed to be on a good roll which is why it would be a shame not to give him a major feud. Let’s just hope things change for The Premiere Athlete this week.

Cedric Alexander’s momentum has been halted completely despite the end of the Alicia Fox drama saga. We hope he becomes the next in line someday as he seems to still be over with the WWE universe despite the layoff and the petty feud he came from.

Ariya Daivari is another person who looked strong as of late and despite the loss to Akira Tozawa that denied him a title shot, he still has the advantage of character at his side and it is one worthy of any storyline feud. Hope him and Nese get the redemption they are looking for after months of jobbing.

What are you looking forward to seeing tonight on 205 Live? Let us know in the comments below!

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205 Live Preview: Another Friendly Fight

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