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NRL: The Soap Opera for Men

RealSport's Daniel Friend give us his take on the different shows that make our game great.

As a kid, I’d finish school, play sport in the afternoon and then head home for dinner whilst sitting in front of the tv, tuning in to watch the dirty deeds of Paul Robinson on Neighbours or see Alf Stewart blow a gasket on Home and Away.

I’m a sucker for a soap opera, only these days it’s not Paul or Alf I’m watching (well maybe sometimes) it’s an array of shows, podcasts, and articles about the game we all love, rugby league.

It’s a never ending story both on and off the field and here is just a few of the people I feel cover it best.

NRL 360

In my opinion this is the best league show on TV. Ben Ikin and Paul Kent, along with an ever rotating panel, discuss the biggest issues in the game and give the audience an insightful look into the teams, players and coaches. Plenty will disagree but I’m a Paul Kent fan. He is no nonsense and isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions.

The Matty Johns Show

Obviously not the most in-depth look at the games but it makes up for that in the comedic department. Matty is a crack up, Gordie takes any jokes that come his way with good humour whilst Fletch and Hindy make a perfect combination. I would love to share a beer with the boys.


The Fifth & Last NRL Podcast

If you haven’t listened to this, then do yourself a favour and subscribe as soon as you can. Junior rep players, turn junior rep coaches, brothers Brock and Lewis talk about everything rugby league – and I mean everything. Each show lasts from one to two hours as the boys give their opinion on the big issues, game reviews, and previews including tips and answers to fans questions. They are straight shooters who like a laugh and the best part is the technical analysis they give. I can’t recommend this show enough!

The Sunday Footy Show

Anything with Joey Johns on the panel will always be a good watch. He has a brilliant rugby league mind and along with Brad Fittler, they can switch between serious to space cadets throughout the show. Don’t get to watch as often as I would like but always tune in when I can.

The Six Tackles With Gus Podcast

Yeah yeah I know, Gus can sometimes go on with his little agendas but, for me, he is worth listening to. His knowledge and passion for the game is unquestionable even if he rubs some people up the wrong way.


Triple M Footy

The Sunday show is the more serious look at the game, whilst the Saturday show is a crack up. Ryan Girdler is fantastic on both shows but particularly Saturdays. I always tune in when I can.

The Rush Hour/The Grill Team

I’ve kind of bundled these two together because they aren’t exactly rugby league shows but they talk about a lot of footy. I listen to every show either live or via podcast.

Anyway, that’s just my opinion, let me know what you think and if I’m missing anything then feel free to point me in the right direction!

How else do you get your rugby league fix? Do you listen to other radio shows like the Continuous Call Team or podcasts like This Week In League? Let us know in the comments below.



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NRL: The Soap Opera for Men

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