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NRL SuperCoach Watch Round 24: What to do with your last trade(s)

An analysis of the players who either have a good run home or are POD's for you to use your last trades on to get one over your opponent.

Well done to those of you who have made it through the first round of SuperCoach finals and commiserations to those who dropped out last week. Only three more rounds of SuperCoach are left this season, so it’s all or nothing now for those going for overall or head-to-head glory.

What is crucial is making the most of the last trade(s) to end your season on a high. This article will highlight key players to be targeting dependent on your situation. If you have more than two trades, go all out on the players mentioned below. If you have just one left, then be mindful of potential injuries.

My squad is made up of 22 starters, three ‘nuffs’ and only one trade. I will be using that to trade Dylan Edwards for either Jordan Rapana or Billy Slater. I am confident on the injury front as I have at least one backup in each position and plenty of duals. If you are in a similar position then don’t be afraid to use your last trade now.

If you have the week off in SuperCoach, think twice about going down to no trades unless you are looking to bring in a player who needs to be targeted this week. If you are playing an elimination final then go all out, looking for match-ups and POD’s against your opponent.

Guns to target with good match-ups

The key is to look at each team’s next two opponents and pinpoint whom you think could go large. These five teams have good match-ups either this week or across the fortnight. Consider variables such as who your opponent has and the make-up of your team.


Knights and South’s

The two key players to target here are Billy Slater and Cameron Munster, if he returns from injury. Regardless of if you have the week off or not, if you want to jump on either of these players it must be this week with potentially comfortable back-to-back wins on the way. Slater has a five round average of 70 and is only owned by 12% of players. If you watch Storm games, then you will know about the potential he has as he is constantly involved in the Storm’s attack.  Munster has missed the last couple of weeks due to an ankle injury but is a SuperCoach gun due to his game style. He could be dangerous as he will look to regain form quickly ahead of the finals.


Verdict: Both Slater and Munster should be on your buy list, dependent on the structure of your team. Slater is still a solid POD as well as being a gun. Make sure you pick up at least one of them for the home straight.


Panthers and Knights

Similarly to the Storm, targeting players from the Raiders should be done this week. Top of the list are Rapana and Jarrod Croker. Rapana sits third on the overall points list for this year and has scored back-to-back 70’s. Rapana’s and the Raiders’ form is lifting and you wouldn’t want to miss out on one of his runs, like I have been guilty of all year.  Croker has bagged centuries twice within the last two weeks and is finally showing everyone why he has been the best centre for the last few years. At only 12% ownership, he is in a similar position to Slater in still being pretty much a POD.

Verdict: Rapana looks to be a must have at this point again and should be brought in or owned this week depending on your situation. Croker is an interesting prospect but his base has been down his year, making Rapana’s attacking potential more intriguing. Croker still never looks out of place in a 17.

If you are in an elimination final with a trade or two to spare, load up on someone from one or two of these teams. However, be aware that all three teams meet top 5 opponents next week.



Key targets from South Sydney come in the shape of Adam Reynolds, Cody Walker and Alex Johnston. Reynolds is only owned by 6% and despite a slight drop in form, his tackling and goal kicking provides a solid base. If Souths can put on a score against the Warriors then Reynolds will be amongst the points. Cody Walker has been a Gun and an AE all within the same season. His move back to five-eighth has seen his scores pick up. Walker provides a similar proposition to Reynolds as if the Rabbitohs are on-form then he will be heavily involved. Johnston is coming off back-to-back centuries and has proven once again that when at fullback, he has the ability to go large regularly. At only 5% ownership, he is the type of player to blast your opponent away.

Verdict: Johnston is the pick of the lot at Souths as a solid POD to hopefully get you through to the semis. The two halves do have their intrigues though and taking a punt on the right one could pay off immensely.



The Eels have had a good run home for a while now and are likely to feature in your team somewhere. The two Parramatta players to target are the halves in Corey Norman and Mitchell Moses. Both have had their moments this year and look in decent form. Moses is owned by only 8% and boasts a three round average of 85 while Norman is owned by 14%,  averaging mid 50’s in score.

Verdict: Moses is relishing his role at his new club and is the better option of the two, especially considering his goal kicking. On the other hand, other clubs possibly provide better options than the Parramatta pair.



Roosters have bounced back this year and could easily put on a score this week against the Tigers. There are multiple attacking options here through Luke Keary, Connor Watson and an interesting one in Jake Friend. Keary has been a revelation at his new club, boasting an average of 60 and a high score of 126. He is still owned by 24% but if you feel like the Rooters are going to go big, he will likely have a large hand in that. Watson has lived up to the hype around him since his move to fullback. Priced at under $300k, he is an option that you potentially wouldn’t have to trade someone essential out for and could throw in as a left field POD at 3% ownership. Friend is undoubtedly the second best Hooker to Chris Smith, especially since Andrew McCullough’s injury. I picked him up in the round before he got injured as my backup. He is a solid option in your 17 each week with his tackling and kicking game. Boasting a three round average of 70, he is a safe option to bring in and has decent attacking potential.


Verdict: Probably better options in the other teams mentioned above, although I do recommend Friend as a serious POD at 4% ownership that won’t let you down.

General PODs

Other than the options above, there are a few solid POD’s floating around to get up on your opponent with.

Anthony Milford (9.5%)

MILF has bounced back from injury to boast a five round average of 65 and has looked every bit as slippery in attack as he always does. He plays the Dragons, Eels and Cowboys to finish the season.

David Nofoaluma (9.8%)

Nofo has once again been a base stat gun and I’m very happy to have owned him for most of the season. I needed 55 points from him on the weekend to beat Copes in my final and he did it in style. With no signs of the Tigers slowing down, Nofo holds a three round average of 72 and will not be on many coaches targets list due to the club he is at.

Tim Lafai (5.3%)

Lafai has come down in price dramatically with him now sitting in the mid $300k’s. Being part of one of the more dangerous left-hand attacks in the competition, in conjunction with a solid base, continues to make him an interesting prospect. They play the Broncos, Panthers and Bulldogs to finish off their season. Similarly to Milford, he doesn’t necessarily have the hardest run home and could be a solid POD to the main CTW’s most coaches are targeting.


Mitch Barnett (2.2%)

I mentioned him last time as my pick for the best forward POD over the final rounds and he has certainly delivered. He has a three and five round average of 73, holding a solid base as well as the potential for attack. For those looking for a POD in the forwards, he is still your man as he is outperforming a lot of the well-owned guns at this point too.

You should be looking to pick up at least one of the above-mentioned players, either due to their run home or their status as a POD. 

Good luck to all of you with elimination finals and those chasing overall glory!

How are you tracking in the run down to the end of the SuperCoach season? Let us know in the comments below.

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Australian Student studying PPE at ANU in Canberra. Massive fan of all sport in general, particularly Cricket, Rugby and football. I'm absolutely mad on SuperCoach which is the majority of my writing. So hit me up for advice whenever.

NRL SuperCoach Watch Round 24: What to do with your last trade(s)

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