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NRL Supercoach 2017 Tips: Round 20 – Finalising your Squad

A guide looking at the best Guns and PODs in each position for the run home. Tips on forming your final squad with plenty of SuperCoach Gold info.

How to Finalise Your SuperCoach Team

At last the bye rounds are over for another year and we finally have a full range of players to choose from for the run home. However, as all SuperCoaches know that game isn’t as simple as that and with trades running low it is in the script that there must be massive injuries coming. This week the list is being headlined by one of the greatest SuperCoach halves in Shaun Johnson.

The time Cheapies is well and truly over now and Guns, carefully selected POD’s and a few perfect ‘Nuffs’ should dominate your squad. The article will go through the best players for each category in each position you should be aiming to base your team around.

Gun’s are the players who are likely the be the most popular as they are the most consistent/best players in each position and you need to have as many of them as possible or you will be left behind.

POD’s are the players with low ownership you look for who could potentially outscore the gun’s which would see you gain ranks and beat opponents as it’s the unique players that ultimately win it for you.

Finally, Nuffs, are players who you can switch between positions, be used for the VC loophole and free up cash for the rest of your team. This year the two best clubs for Nuffs are Manly and West Tigers. These two teams consistently have games late in the rounds leaving plenty of time to use the VC loophole tactic.


Guns: Cameron Smith $501,000, he sits by himself as the sole gun hooker in SuperCoach once again. Average of 73.7 this season, due to injury and Origin his ownership has dropped to 35%, if you don’t own him you’ll regret it for the entire run home. Not much needs to be said has been a set and forget all season.

PODs: Farah(4.3% ownership), Luke.( 2.2% ownership). Unfortunately no one really can get close to Smith, Hooker isn’t a position you should be looking for a POD in despite there clearly being a stack of players in low ownership. However if you don’t own Smith and are low on trades and cash these two are probably the next best options going around right now. With Cook dropping off the bench last week Farah got 65 points in 80 minutes in a badly beaten side. Luke is an 80 Minute hooker who will dart out of dummy half and make a lot of tackles, but with the Warriors season all but over is probably more of a risk than Farah. Basically, it’s Smith or you are already missing out.

Nuffs: Always grab a dual position player; you never know when it will come in handy. Options are limited in Hooker who tick the right boxes but there are a couple of Panthers players who won’t see any game time so probably your best options there.


Guns: In these two positions you basically want to squeeze in as many base stat beasts as possible. The Guns in these positions are always heavily owned so it is crucial to own as many of them as possible so you aren’t left behind. Paul Gallen (Avg. 75.7) as always headlines the list; this year the other forwards joining him in this category are Taumalolo (Avg. 76.8), Mannering (Avg. 72.9), Crichton (70.9), J.Trbojevic (Avg. 70.7), Taupau (Avg. 70.2), S.Burgess (Avg. 69.7), JDB (Avg. 67.4), Fifita (66.0), N. Brown (61.9). To be competing up the top you will need at least 7 of these players.

PODs: Paul Vaughn (11.2% ownership), bounced back from injury last week with a solid 60 and has proved he can be a gun particularly with his try scoring ability.

Aiden Tolman (3.9% ownership), getting monster base stat scores when he has been playing 80 minutes. Although, James Graham is being tipped to return from injury this week which could see his 80 minute days over.

Mitch Barnett (2.1% ownership), my pick for the number 1 POD forward for the run home. Has always had the potential to be a SuperCoach gun and on the weekend played 71 minutes for 94 points with 63 of those points in base and that isn’t including the 16 points from offloads which can almost be included as well. Good base stats with attacking potential is the perfect fit for a forward POD, the risk that comes with Barnett is that he hasn’t gotten consistent minutes and is a Knights player.

Nuffs: unfortunately there are no star nuffs from either Manly or the Tigers in these positions. Look at your team and pick players who match the position status of those already in your team. For instance, if you have someone like Crichton in the Centers, having someone with 2RF/CTW status in this position like Jed Cartwright who is the most popular nuff here, allows you to move him between the positions freely and also come in handy when trading.


Guns: Unfortunately with Shaun Johnson and Jonathan Thurston being out for the season, two of the greatest Supercoach halves ever will be unavailable.

Up step Nathan Cleary. A massive 169 points taking out top spot last week with three tries, two try assists and an abundance of attacking stats all around the park. He has snuck up into 4th on the overall points table sitting only 89 points off top spot now. It wouldn’t surprise me if he finishes on top the way his form is in conjunction with the Panthers run home and desperation to win as many game as possible from here to make finals. He is currently the most traded in player this week, annoying for those like me who have had him as a POD up until now.

Daly Cherry-Evans is the next best option to Cleary in this position. One of the form halves in arguably the form team of the competition, he sits with a 5 round average of about 80 and will be tempting for non-owners with the Sea Eagles relatively alright run home.

Currently, if you don’t own both, it’s Cleary vs DCE this year for the SuperCoach halfback spot.

PODs: At 7.2% ownership Adam Reynolds is probably the only viable POD in the position with a 5 round average of 70 and 3 round of 83. Reynolds is starting to find a patch of form but as South Sydney’s season comes to an end the risk here is that their attack will and Adam’s scores inevitably would suffer.

Nuffs: Tom Wright from Manly headlines the HFB/5-8 dual flexibility nuff this year. Otherwise, there are a couple of FLB and HOK duals here as well.


Guns: Clint Gutherson $434,300 has been a revelation this year and sits 6th overall in SuperCoach. He has relished in the Fullback spot which he has made his at the Eels and with their relatively easy run home as they look to charge into the finals, attacking stats are never far from this man in this team. The dual position between CTW and 5/8 that he and Dylan Walker share is invaluable if you won both of them in your team.

Real guns are racing in the 5/8 position however with SJ going down last week, it probably isn’t a bad option to only have one 5/8 for the run home. Widdop despite injury has actually been one of the best SuperCoach options this year averaging 70 and bodes as a great replacement for SJ particularly with his dual flexibility. Moylan is probably second to Cleary in the Panther’s halves but he has shown us what he can do in the position and with his upside wouldn’t look out of place in any team for the run home, particularly with only 12% ownership.

PODs: M.Morgan, similar to Moylan has shown his huge upside and with only 3.6% ownership could be tempting. However, his 20 points of the weekend showed just how good the Thurston’s and Johnson’s actually are as they are able to keep their output up regularly, something the Cleary is greatly promising as well.

Milford is now only owned by 4.8% of teams due to his injury, which he bounced back on the weekend from with 64 points. He still sits with 5 and 3 game averages of over 70 and that shoulder injury could be giving him real trouble. With a BE of 111, if you don’t need to trade desperately this week he is worth waiting on and seeing how he goes again as we all know how much of a SuperCoach weapon he has been this year.

Nuffs: Other than Tom Wright there are few other great options, just depends on what position your team needs Nuffs for. Tyrone May last would have been a great nuff to move someone like C. Walker or Moylan around.


Dual CTW players who aren’t forwards will be talked about here (excluding Gutherson)

Guns: There has been a lot of talk that coaches are planning on having 6-7 guns in this position. I don’t think this is necessary considering there are very few CTW who realistically can actually be classed as Guns. Realistically I think you should be aiming for 5 solid options.

Tom Trbojevic and Munster are the two best Guns in the position this year (yes I know I can hear the Rapana owners complaining). Both Averaging just under 80 for the season and Turbo with a 3 round of almost 100 and Munster almost 90, both of these two should be in our team for the run home as a base and then build your CTW from there.

It’s impossible to bag the second best player in SuperCoach this year in Rapana but as a non-owner I am going to keep doing it as I am not planning to buy him. However, he has been one of the best this year and a solid option for the run home especially with the desperate state Canberra are in to make finals.

Dylan Walker has been a gun for most of the year averaging over 60. However of late has gone missing in games with he scores only being saved by tries rather than being built of a heap of runs, offloads and tackle busts as they were at the start of the season. He is a hold and a top 17 player most weeks but too inconsistent to be a buy at this stage of the year when his upside isn’t actually as high as a lot of other players.

Crichton and Gutherson have been motioned before and are locks for the CTW spot each week if you have them in this position.

PODs: Still probably the best CTW POD is Nofoaluma. Has a season average of 65 and that is for the most part off base stats. A solid option for your CTW considering you might have some of the genuine Guns in other positions. Only owned at 9% and is 11th in the overall SuperCoach tally this season. A worry however with the Tigers rarely finding a lot of points, but realistically they haven’t been al season and he has still kept up his average.

Dane Gagai (4.3% ownership) is also an interesting POD at $342,100 with a 3 and 5 round average over 60, coming off great form in being named player of the Series in State of Origin. Risky here again as the Knights have constantly struggled with attacking stats but a risk that could pay off.

Nuffs: No standouts from Manly or tigers players here unfortunately. C. Anderson and B. Nikora are two more Nuffs going around that are useful.


Guns: Other than Turbo and Munster the main Guns left in the position are Tedesco and RTS. Now I as well as many of you have run with this fullback combination from start and most likely to finish, but really it has just been disappointing. RTS at least has a 5 round average of 70, Tedesco has still had an average of over 60 despite not being too SuperCoach relevant for most of the year. Despite the relatively frustrating SuperCoach year, these two have given us, they probably still are two of the best ‘gun’ options at the back with a solid base.

POD’s: Billy Slater is currently the most expensive player in the game at $536,200 but is only owned by 7.4% of players. He has an average of 71 s well as a 5 round average of 91. Coming off good form for Queensland, he is an exceptional POD to RTS and Teddy, technically the perfect POD at Fullback. He is outscoring both of them as well as being in the top of the table team.

Nuffs: not too many FLB Nuffs, your dual positions include HFB, 5/8 AND CTW, But only one player in each of those positions at bottom dollar.

Hopefully, by now, you own most of the mentioned above Guns. Once you do, with the limited trades remaining after that you should be making sure you don’t have any AE nightmares, looking for a few crucial POD’s to fill in the gaps and saving trades for injuries like SJ this week.

I hope this has given you a useful insight into the players in each position you should be deciding on for your final team if you have any questions or want me to review anything else let me know in the comments. Good Luck for the run home in SuperCoach!

How has your SuperCoach team fared to this point, and are you ready for the run home? Let us know in the comments below.

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NRL Supercoach 2017 Tips: Round 20 – Finalising your Squad

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