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Gold Coast Titans: The Hayne Conundrum

Exploded onto the NRL scene in 2006 and tormented opposition defences until he left for the NFL in 2014. Is he past his use by date, or can he rediscover his magic spark?

Ever since Jarryd Hayne touched down on the glitter strip, one problem after the next has unraveled. Here, RealSport101 takes a look at Hayne throughout his NRL career and how the fallen superstar can recover from a poor 2017.

Through The Years

2006 – Scored 17 tries in 16 games, including four tries in one match against the Newcastle Knights. Named Eels’ Rookie of the Year and called up to the Kangaroos squad, all in his debut year.

2009 – Won the Dally M and was dubbed the greatest Parramatta player since Brett Kenny after winning six man of the match awards in a row. Won NSW State of Origin player of the series.


2014 – 20 tries, 23 line breaks and 10 try assists. Named Dally M player of the year and put in one of the greatest ever Origin performances in game one at the Suncorp Stadium.

2017 – eight tries, four try assists and nine line breaks.

From 2009 to 2014, there was little doubt as to who the best player in the game was. Even in his rookie year, Hayne announced himself as the most exciting young player in the game. In his heyday, the man had neutral fans dying to see him play each week. His ability to embark on a mazy run and end it in a try was unequivocal and inspired many youngsters, including myself. His natural ability was freakish!

His 2017 stats don’t come close to those of yesteryear, in which the elusive number one used to terrorise opposition defences. Whilst he has struggled with minor injuries and the club has fought gallantly just to get 17 players on the field, one must look to the likes of Michael Morgan, who has galvanised the Cowboys even with their injury woes.

The Fall From Grace

On August 3rd, he signed with the Titans for $1.2m, stunning the whole country and particularly Eels fans, the team in which he pledged he would always return to. Graham Annesley believed that Hayne would be the catalyst for the club to win their maiden Premiership.

In September 2016, he was said to be giving a Hell’s Angels member $5000.

Fast-forward to January and talks of attitude issues in training had emerged, with players disputing whether Hayne should be part of the leadership group.

A few days ago, Hayne announced that he will walk from the Titans should Neil Henry not want him there and that the coach has been ignoring him.

The Solution

It is hard to say he must walk. The Titans have had the Kevin Proctor and Chris Grevsmuhl issues cause disruption within the club, along with a host of experienced players retiring last year or moving on. Ex-teammate Nathan Hindmarsh pressed his concerns to Hayne about his attitude and becoming a more consistent football player. That advice seems to have gone in one ear and right out of the other.


For me, Hayne needs some sort of counseling to grow up. Maybe if Spud Carroll ripped into him then he may respond in the same amicable way as the Burgess brothers on the weekend. Either way, Hayne needs to shape up quickly as his suitors would be few and far between off the glitter strip. Whilst it’s known that Manly would consider him at centre, where Trent Barrett is proving to get the best out of players previously in form slumps, Hayne can expect no promises or royalties from the club. He needs to get his head down, work hard and show everyone that he has still got it.

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Gold Coast Titans: The Hayne Conundrum

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