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Gold Coast Titans: Jarryd Hayne unleashes attack on sacked Neil Henry

It has not taken long for Titans star Jarryd Hayne to level some shocking allegations at former head coach Neil Henry.

Jarryd Hayne has launched a scathing attack on Neil Henry, accusing the former Titans mentor of leaking stories to the media rather than trying to settle their differences.

Henry was sacked on Monday, in what is widely regarded as a direct result of his inability to accommodate the star fullback. He was informed of the decision following an emergency meeting between the management of the club.

While Hayne won the internal power struggle with Henry, staying on as the $1.2 million conundrum for the next Titans coach, he clearly felt the need to put his case forward when fronting the media.


Hayne suggested Henry’s close ties to senior News Corp man Paul Kent led to the former coach leaking stories to the press and claimed that Henry was the architect of his own downfall.

“Paul Kent and Neil had a relationship, and I thought if that comes out from Paul, that was Neil giving his side rather than journalists writing it,” Hayne said.

“That was disappointing from my point-of-view. The head coach having a journalist that he has a relationship with and for that to come out in the media instead of coming up to me and talking to me about it. And for that week to have no communication with me personally, that was probably a bit disappointing.”

“It wasn’t to the point where I wanted to come in and kind of blow up or go off my head but he should have said, if that’s the case, then so be it.”

The stunning opinion from Hayne came in the wake of Kent claiming that it was the board who wanted to sign Hayne on the Fox League show rather than Henry. Kent never revealed his source but Hayne was confident that it came from his former head coach.

An unpopular figure

Hayne reportedly remains an unpopular figure amongst the playing group due to his lackadaisical approach to training and preparation. There remains a need for the next coach and the management of the club to commence the healing process.


Hayne was fined for skipping a training session in pre-season in another inside story which found its way in to the news.

The former Parramatta Eels star also questioned Henry’s team selection across the year and claimed that he didn’t give the Titans a chance to get any form of consistency. 

“I just think it wasn’t working as a whole. As an outside back it was tough, we didn’t get a lot of fluency, there was people changing positions and not having a set spine really hurt us. The imbalance really showed up through the year.

“Personally, the last two games were really disappointing for myself. Mentally, I wasn’t there and that’s something I really pride myself on.”

“It has been tough and there’s not much we can do about it now other than in our last  game, in front of the home fans, and that’s something we’re definitely focused on.”

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  • Ron Smith

    Well as fat as a lot of fans think is that he eas never worth what they paid for him and only did so to have him as a crowd puller and play football give them an edge well as we all have seen what a failure he has been for the TITIANS it is
    shameful that a player does what je did disruptive at training only when its suits him its a team not one player he is like an othet Tony Mundine but without the big talk for which is gteat but hes is just as cagy as Mundine only what he wants and thats it as for the club what a disgrace for what they have done using a playet over the Coach but its all about the money well maybe they should of thought that when they paid for him Specialy when the coach was interested with him in the first place it was the board who wanted him ising a has been does not work stuff Hayne l never liked him hes a dirty.kiniving. whinger.lazy. overrated has been show pony to ever play the game the next player that comes close to him benny ellise
    Two pees in a pod both are WANKERS

Gold Coast Titans: Jarryd Hayne unleashes attack on sacked Neil Henry

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