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Singapore Grand Prix 2017: Could 2nd or 3rd have won?

The Singapore Grand Prix offered loads of excitement. Three safety cars and six retirements and maybe the most exciting start to a grand prix since Melbourne in 2002.

I have to start with the big incident at the start. Sebastian squeezed Max, who squeezed out Kimi. This caused Kimi to hit the barrier and eventually crash into Max and Alonso. Both Kimi and Max retired at turn one and Alonso ended up retiring later because of it. Sebastian made it slightly further but had sustained so much damage he ended up having to retire as well after he spun out a few corners later. Through all this drama Lewis Hamilton drove through and took first place, where he remained for pretty much the entire race.

Could Ricciardo have won?

Daniel Ricciardo took second with an equally good drive. Lewis went from seeing Ricciardo in his rear view to nowhere near him multiple times. The safety car didn’t help Ricciardo, and although it offered free pit stops, he never really got to open up and bring the fight to Lewis.

Red Bull always seem to do well in Singapore, currently tied for the most team wins at Marina Bay. If the race was allowed to be finished by laps instead of time then maybe Ricciardo would have been able to close the gap to Lewis and look for an overtake. Even if Ricciardo was given the chance to come wheel-to-wheel with Lewis though, I still don't think he had enough in the car to overtake him.

Could Bottas have won?

It's a similar situation with Valterri Bottas, the man who took third. Although Bottas was closer to Ricciardo than Ricciardo was to Hamilton, Bottas never really looked like he could overtake Daniel, let alone Hamilton as well. The Mercedes cars have never really been great in Singapore, it's always been Red Bull and Ferrari's time to shine, but Mercedes put in a great effort this weekend. 

In the last few minutes of the race, Bottas seemed to come alive. It was too little too late for Valterri though as although he closed the gap he wasn't able to overtake Ricciardo. I'm sure Mercedes as a team will be happy with first and third, however, I can only imagine Valterri would have liked to have done better.

Overall it was a phenomenal drive from all three drivers on the podium. Hamilton just drove too well for either Ricciardo or Bottas to be able to take the win off him. At times I thought Ricciardo could have taken Lewis on the inside but Lewis was just too good this race. The 2017 Singapore Grand Prix was an extremely exciting race in every respect, even if you were watching the back of the pack, and with the circuit signing a new contract extension, long may it continue!

Do you think anyone else could have won today? Let us know in the comments below!

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Singapore Grand Prix 2017: Could 2nd or 3rd have won?

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