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F1 Power Rankings: Lewis Hamilton reigns supreme after back to back wins

With two more races in the bank RealSport's Formula One writers vote for the best drivers through the season so far.

After a wet and wild pair of races in Austria and Great Britain it is time for another set of drivers power rankings! Remember, these are based solely on driver performance. We try to separate car performance and mechanical faults as much as possible and identify which drivers are outperforming the car beneath them.

Voting Panel: Toby Durant; Chris Raftery; Nick Brown; Chris Goodman; Jarleth Eaton; Howard John; Killian McClatchey

  1. Rio Haryanto, Manor

(TD: 21, CR: 22, NB: 21, CG: 22, JE: 20, HJ: 21, KM: 21)

Previous Ranking: 22

There are signs of improvement for Rio Haryanto, as he out qualified his team-mate at the British Grand Prix and both Saubers in Austria but the race pace is still lacking for the young Indonesian.

  1. Marcus Ericsson, Sauber

(TD: 20, CR: 21, NB: 20, CG: 20, JE: 21, HJ: 20, KM: 22)

Previous Ranking: 20

Speaking of race pace, Sauber’s financial troubles continue to make for painful performances. The drivers spend most of their time wrestling with the car. Ericsson’s scary crash on Saturday morning really ended his weekend at Silverstone, even though he raced on sunday it was a non-event for him.

  1. Jolyon Palmer, Renault

(TD: 22, CR: 20, NB: 19, CG: 19, JE: 22, HJ: 22, KM: 19)

Previous Ranking: 21

Jolyon Palmer did not have the homecoming he dreamed of. A trip down the pitlane with only 3 wheels on his wagon and then a retirement was not how he imagined his debut British Grand Prix would go. He was also out qualified, albeit marginally, in both Austria and Britain by his team-mate.

  1. Felipe Nasr, Sauber

(TD: 19, CR: 19, NB: 22, CG: 21, JE: 19, HJ: 19, KM: 17)

Previous Ranking: 19

Nasr actually got to have a little bit of racing with other cars during the chaotic British Grand Prix and show a little raciness. Unfortunately he also qualified dead last at the last 2 Grand Prix as the Sauber continues to fall further behind the other cars in development. Still, Nasr has shown enough to keep his nose ahead of his team-mate.

  1. Esteban Gutierrez, Haas

(TD: 18, CR: 17, NB: 18, CG: 17, JE: 17, HJ: 18, KM: 16)

Previous Ranking: 18

While Gutierrez managed to out qualify his team-mate in Austria the race was a completely different story as Grosjean went on to pick up points and he just stayed planted in the mid-grid. While Gutierrez’s one lap pace is good the consistency just isn’t there and until he can progress on Sunday he will continue to lag behind Grosjean in our rankings.

  1. Kevin Magnussen, Renault

(TD: 16, CR: 18, NB: 17, CG: 16, JE: 15, HJ: 16, KM: 20)

Previous Ranking: 16

Magnussen snuck through to Q2 in Silverstone and has been consistently faster than his team-mate Palmer, but Renault’s inconsistencies have capped his race day performances.

  1. Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso

(TD: 17, CR: 16, NB: 14, CG: 15, JE: 16, HJ: 17, KM: 18)

Previous Ranking: 15

Things continue to go down hill for Daniil Kvyat. From his big crash during Austrian qualifying to being massively out qualified in Britain, things aren’t going well for Kvyat in his second stint with Toro Rosso. A point at Silverstone might be the catalyst needed to start swinging him back up the standings.

  1. Pascal Wehrlein, Manor

(TD: 15, CR: 15, NB: 16, CG: 18, JE: 13, HJ: 15, KM: 15)

Previous Ranking: 17

Wehrlein continues to show his potential. A superb weekend in Austria saw him score his first point in Formula one, and while his first trip to Silverstone ended with a spin into the gravel trap the brilliance of his race in Austria pushes him up the rankings. His is far and away the best performer from the bottom three teams and maybe won’t have to wait too long to get a bigger drive.

  1. Felipe Massa, Williams

(TD: 13, CR: 13, NB: 15, CG: 14, JE: 12, HJ: 14, KM: 13)

Previous Ranking: 12

The wily veteran seemed to be driving the widest car in the world at Silverstone as he kept the racy Fernando Alonso behind him all afternoon, but generally Massa’s pace is starting to disappear and it is looking more and more likely that 2016 will be his last in Formula One.

  1. Romain Grosjean, Haas

(TD: 12, CR: 14, NB: 13, CG: 10, JE: 14, HJ: 12, KM: 11)

Previous Ranking: 13

A return to the points in Austria keeps Grosjean firmly above his team-mate in our standings and keeps his name in the conversation of bigger drives next season. Romain has matured well from the reckless, crash-happy driver he used to be and is quickly restoring his reputation in the paddock.

  1. Jenson Button, McLaren

(TD: 14, CR: 10, NB: 12, CG: 13, JE: 14, HJ: 13, KM: 9)

Previous Ranking: 14

Button moves up a few places after performing well in the changeable conditions of the last two weeks. The on-off showers of Austria brought a huge smile back to the face of the 2009 World Champion and while he didn’t have a great outing at Silverstone Austria was a good reminder that Button can still generate pace in awkward conditions.

  1. Nico Hulkenberg, Force India

(TD: 10, CR: 11, NB: 11, CG: 11, JE: 9, HJ: 10, KM: 10)

Previous Ranking: 10

Hulkenberg managed to out-qualify his highly touted team-mate in Britain and put in a quality lap in Austria but he was once against beaten to the chequered flag by Sergio Perez at Silverstone and only managed to go backwards in Austria.

  1. Valtteri Bottas, Williams

(TD: 9, CR: 9, NB: 10, CG: 7, JE: 10, HJ: 9, KM: 12)

Previous Ranking: 7

Bottas has had good saturdays followed by very disappointing sundays recently. He did not perform well during the race at Silverstone and while he snatched a 9th place finish in Austria it was still lower than he qualified despite a lot of retirements ahead of him.

  1. Fernando Alonso, McLaren

(TD: 7, CR: 12, NB: 7, CG: 12, JE: 6, HJ: 5, KM: 14)

Previous Ranking: 8

Another Q3 showing from Alonso in Britain showed his pace relative to the car. He is a championship level racer trapped in a mid-pack machine – but Alonso was still able to entertain around Silverstone, doing everything he could get get around the Williams’ as well as driving across the grass and gravel on more than one occasion.

  1. Carlos Sainz, Toro Rosso

(TD: 11, CR: 5, NB: 9, CG: 8, JE: 11, HJ: 11, KM: 8)

Previous Ranking: 11

Sainz continues to impress, getting the most out of a Toro Rosso package that many thought would have fallen away from the pack by now. Points finishes in Austria and Britain highlight his quality and how right Red Bull were to activate his 2017 option.

  1. Sergio Perez, Force India

(TD: 6, CR: 8, NB: 8, CG: 9, JE: 8, HJ: 7, KM: 4)

Previous Ranking: 4

The highs of Monaco and Baku are behind us now, but Perez is still putting on a show. A suspension problem ruined his race weekend in Austria but he was very strong around Silverstone in the wet-to-dry conditions, much like he was in Monaco. With Ferrari sticking on the Vettel-Raikkonen pairing for 2017 Perez may have to stay put for now, but a bigger driver is in the Mexican’s future that is for sure.

  1. Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari

(TD: 5, CR: 7, NB: 5, CG: 6, JE: 7, HJ: 4, KM: 7)

Previous Ranking: 3

A tyre blowout and continuous gearbox problems have seen Vettel have a rotten two weeks between Austria and Silverstone. His pace was well short of what was expected all weekend at Silverstone and he has fallen well off the Championship race as a result of the two poor weekends.

  1. Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari

(TD: 8, CR: 4, NB: 3, CG: 4, JE: 5, HJ: 8, KM: 5)

Previous Ranking: 9

A bit of a bounce back for Kimi. 3rd place in Austria, 5th place and out-qualifying Seb in Britain plus a shiny new contract for 2017 from Ferrari make this one of Kimi’s strongest stints in a while. It’s always nice to have the Finn near the top of the grid but his races tend to be less competitive and progressive than Vettel’s, however his consistency means he is currently 3rd in the Drivers Championship.

  1. Nico Rosberg, Mercedes

(TD: 4, CR: 3, NB: 4, CG: 5, JE: 4, HJ: 6, KM: 3)

Previous Ranking: 1

Nico Rosberg takes a tumble down the standings after his clumsy blocking attempt in Austria undid what was a strong race. He was outpaced all weekend by Lewis Hamilton in Britain and then had a late gearbox problem, about which the radio communications cost him second place. He has just a one point lead in the Championship now and the pressure is being poured on by Lewis Hamilton – how will Nico cope as we head to Hungary and Germany?

  1. Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull

(TD: 3, CR: 6, NB: 6, CG: 2, JE: 3, HJ: 3, KM: 6)

Previous Ranking: 5

A strong but unassuming pair of races bring Ricciardo back into the top three, but is the pressure from Max Verstappen starting to tell? Ricciardo was out-qualified by his team-mate for the first time this season at Silverstone. It was bound to happen at some point but after 2 races where Ricciardo struggled to progress it could be telling. We head to the scene of his most recent race wins next and he will need to get back onto the podium if he wants to stay ahead of Max in the Championship.

  1. Max Verstappen, Red Bull

(TD: 2, CR: 2, NB: 2, CG: 3, JE: 2, HJ: 2, KM: 2)

Previous Ranking: 6

It’s only fitting really that after a pair of second place finishes Max Verstappen finds himself in second place in our rankings. Verstappen was superb in Austria but especially at Silverstone where he battled all day with the Mercedes of Nico Rosberg and didn’t put a foot wrong. His transition into the Red Bull team has been seamless and massively impressive. His pass of Rosberg around the outside of Becketts might be the best of the season so far.

  1. Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

(TD: 1, CR: 1, NB: 1, CG: 1, JE: 1, HJ: 1, KM: 1)

Previous Ranking: 2

Lewis Hamilton dominated at Silverstone and kept his cool during the aftermath of Austria. He is the man in charge at the moment and seems to have the edge on Nico Rosberg at every turn. He handled the spotlight incredibly well throughout his home Grand Prix and has come out of these last two races just one point behind Rosberg in the Championship. Hamilton has won the Hungarian Grand Prix 4 times so there is every chance Lewis gets to the summer break as the Championship leader, his form in the second part of the season has been ridiculous in recent years – winning 11 of the 17 races after the break since 2014.

Toby Durant

A passionate and opinionated writer, I am currently the NFL and MLB editor for RealSport. However I also contribute to F1, WWE, Football, and other sections of the site.

I have covered the NFL International Series for RealSport and previously contributed to SB Nation.

F1 Power Rankings: Lewis Hamilton reigns supreme after back to back wins

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