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F1 2017 midseason review: three worst races of the season so far

RealSport takes a look back at the races so far in 2017 that we wish finished a lot sooner...

The Formula 1 2017 season has so far been thoroughly enjoyable, and we have been treated to some brilliant races. However, as is commonly the case, despite the good races, there have been some very poor ones too. In fact, even though this piece will only look at the three worst, there are other races that could have easily made it on to this list. Hopefully, this article doesn’t take you back to the dreary Sunday afternoons that you so desperately wanted to end.

  1. 1 Russia

    OK, let's get things straight right from the off here:, the 2017 Russian Grand Prix was awful. There really is no other way to label it. 

    Sebastian Vettel led a Ferrari front row, with the two Mercs starting directly behind, after an impressive qualifying display. The start of the race was actually somewhat exciting due to the track's long run down to the first braking zone, as we saw Valtteri Bottas jump both of the Scuderia. 

    From then on, it was a dull encounter, and we did not see a single overtake for the rest of the race. Yes, you read that right, not even one. Expectedly then, there was no change in positions amongst the top 5 drivers from the end of the first lap, to the checkered flag.  

    Excluding the beginning of the race, the only bit of drama we encountered was towards the end, when Sebastian Vettel was closing down Valtteri Bottas on fresher tyres. In the end, it turned out to be an anti-climax, as Bottas seemed to have it under control all along, and was able to secure his first win in Formula 1. For the races very low standards, it was at least something the fans could get behind and enjoy watching. 

    Ultimately, Sochi delivered another dismal affair, and faced heavy scrutiny post-race, including demands that it be removed from the F1 calendar. It really wouldn't be a huge loss. 

  2. 2 Austria

    Not as bad as Russia, but the Austrian Grand Prix was another tedious race, which at times was a struggle to sit through. Whereas it was near impossible to soften the blow when discussing the Russian GP, it is somewhat easier here. 

    The start of the race was brilliant. Bottas was able to retain the lead over Vettel, but Daniel Ricciardo was able to get the better of Kimi Raikkonen, with a super move down the inside into turn 2, and Lewis Hamilton was also able to gain a few positions. Drama occurred slightly further down the field too, as Daniil Kvyat locked his brakes into turn 1, causing a domino effect as he clattered into Fernando Alonso, who then ran into Max Verstappen. 

    Things were promising after lap 1, as it seemed that it was going to develop into quite a good race, but to the dismay of many, it didn't. Low tyre degradation around the Red Bull Ring meant little variability in pit stops, with all the front-runners opting for the quickest, and conventional one-stop strategy. 

    There were a few straightforward overtakes during the race, mostly into turn 3, but nothing spectacular. Similar to Russia, the only other bit of action came towards the end of the race, where Hamilton was closing in on Ricciardo for the final podium position, and Vettel likewise on Bottas for the lead. Neither of the two title contenders were able to overtake the man in front, due to some characteristically cool driving from the Finn, and some smart defending from the Aussie. 

    The Austrian GP wasn't absolutely dreadful, as it did serve up some exciting moments, but it wasn't anywhere near a good race either. It's certainly one of the worst of the season, and it won't warrant many TV replays in the future.  

  3. 3 Monaco

    A slightly controversial entry here, as Monaco is widely regarded as a fan favourite, and many consider it as the best race on the Formula 1 calendar, due to the glamour it holds, and the spectacle it provides. However, not for the first time, the Monaco Grand Prix was a real bummer. 

    The Ferraris locked out the front row of the grid in qualifying, and as is so often the case in Monaco, their 1-2 finish in the race was more or less a certainty even before lights out on Sunday. 

    The extremely short, and narrow run down to turn 1 meant that unlike the two other races on this list, the start wasn't even intriguing. From then on, as expected, there were very little overtaking manoeuvres throughout the Grand Prix, given the nature of the streets of Monte Carlo. 

    As it was in 2016, the most exciting/biggest moment of the race was that an unexpected new race leader emerged from the pits, as Vettel was able to perform the overcut on his teammate. Other slight forms of entertainment occurred when Marcus Ericsson went straight into the barriers at turn 1 behind the safety car, and when Pascal Wehrlein's Sauber was tipped on its side. 

    The most entertaining moment of the Sunday, however, was Fernando Alonso's and Jenson Button's radio conversation pre-race, where the Brit said he would pee in the McLaren car, after the Spaniard's request that he take care of it. Unfortunately, next year's race won't have Button competing, so we will have to look for entertainment on track, which we may struggle to once again find. 

    Do you agree with our list? Which race do you think will be the worst of the second half of the season? Let us know in the comments below!

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F1 2017 midseason review: three worst races of the season so far

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