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British Grand Prix 2016: RealSport’s predictions

RealSport's F1 writers predict who'll be taking the chequered flag at Silverstone.

Jarleth Eaton (5-4): Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

Formula 1 comes home this weekend. Silverstone hosted the first ever F1 World Championship race, and is a firm favourite with fans and drivers alike. The support they all get from the British crowd is remarkable, but what they give the British drivers feels like an extra half a second. After last weekend’s collision in Austria, it seems like Lewis Hamilton has the edge in the world title fight over his teammate Nico Rosberg. Add into the fact we are going to a track that Hamilton has won at for the last two years, and bar one win in 2013, Rosberg has struggled at Silverstone, it should be another successful weekend for Hamilton, and who knows, maybe the championship lead.

Toby Durant (2-7): Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

Hamilton has won the last two British Grand Prix as well as 3 of the last 4 Grand Prix. When the car is working for him there is no one faster on the grid this year, and right now Hamilton has it working for him. Rosberg, as evidence by the turn two clash in Austria, is starting to crack under the pressure. This weekend will stress him even more I feel.

Chris Goodman (3-6): Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

I’m backing Lewis Hamilton to match Nigel Mansell’s record and take his 4th victory at his home Grand Prix at Silverstone this weekend. It seems Lewis has at last built up some momentum this season over his team mate, and last week ends victory in Austria, and the way he won bodes well for him. I’m sure if he does win here the reception he gets from the crowd will be a totally different experience to the one he had to endure last week end from the German/Austrian lot!

Nick Brown (2-6): Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

This weekend’s British Grand Prix provides another opportunity for Lewis Hamilton to cut team mate Nico Rosberg’s lead in the drivers championship, and I think it is an opportunity that Lewis will seize at his home race. Hamilton is on a roll at Silverstone, having won in his past 2 outings here, and heads into the weekend with a definitive psychological edge over his team mate following the events of the last lap in Austria. It seems that in any wheel to wheel battle recently, Hamilton has emerged victorious over his team mate, and I think this will continue to be the case going forward.

Howard Adkins (2-7): Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

I think I’m yet to get this prediction malarkey right (Howard being modest, of course! – Ed), which may not be good news for Lewis Hamilton and his Mercedes. However, this weekend offers a chance to create history for Lewis. On Sunday, he will attempt to equal Nigel Mansell’s British record of four F1 wins at the Northamptonshire circuit. I believe he will do it and ramp up the challenge for the Driver’s Championship against team mate Nico Rosberg.

Chris Raftery (4-4): Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

It’s going to be Hamilton, isn’t it? So long as the Mercedes boys remember to play nice, the track is just laid out for them to romp away with it. Hamilton won’t want to give an inch to Rosberg after last week’s shenanigans, and he’ll be looking forward to getting on a podium and actually hearing some cheers this week

Jonathan Homer (2-6): Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

Lewis will be riding high and Nico Rosberg will be seething from last weekend and he never performs well in that frame of mind.  Assuming nothing breaks, it’s another Silverstone win for Lewis.

Gur Samuel

Hi! I'm Gur and I'm RealSport's Editor-in-Chief. I'm also currently the site's tennis editor, and contribute to our NFL, wrestling and Formula 1 coverage as well. I'm also an NFL analyst for CNN International and contributor to SB Nation, and have contributed to, or been interviewed by, various print, broadcast and online media, including the BBC, Mail Online, ABC, NBC, CBS, the Boston Globe, and Yahoo! Sports.

British Grand Prix 2016: RealSport’s predictions

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