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British Grand Prix 2016: Alternate Awards

A weather-affected British Grand Prix lead to a lot of close, competitive racing - who walks away with our awards?

Overtake of the Day

Max Verstappen on Nico Rosberg

As the track dried and the intermediate tyres started to fade away Max Verstappen, who was every millisecond as fast as the race winner Lewis Hamilton in the drying conditions, closed in on the second place man Nico Rosberg and made a move on him that you just don’t ever see. A little wiggle from Rosberg on the exit from Maggotts gave Verstappen an opening and then he got out onto the wetter outside line and just drove around the Mercedes through Becketts. The balance and control needed to keep the Red Bull steady when the inside half was on a dry track and the outside half was not was yet more proof of the driver Max is, and the champion he could become.

Driver of the Day

Fernando Alonso, McLaren

While Verstappen was probably the best driver, the one who entertained me the most, who the cameras spent an amazing amount of time following, was Fernando Alonso. He ducked and darted around the rear wing of Felipe Massa lap after lap after lap. He tried to take advantage of an opening only to get out on the wet parts of the track and have the car squirm under acceleration. As the track dried and DRS was available he tried to drive around the outside of Massa on the Wellington Straight and ended up with half his car on the grass, but he still kept hold of it. Alonso was one of the more heavily victimised by the wet patch at turn one, skidding all the way through the gravel trap and just kissing the tyre wall with his front-right and front wing. He was able to drive out of the gravel and recover, only to start having a hugely entertaining battle with Massa’s team-mate Valtteri Bottas. Fernando may have finished 13th and been somewhat frustrated by his day behind the wheel, but he delivered an enormous amount of entertainment.

Slide of the Day

Carlos Sainz, Toro Rosso

While turn one’s wet patches were catching most of the field out and sending World Champion’s and rookies a-like skidding wide, the old final corner of Luffield was also causing some issues – but without the huge run-off where the cost of a slide was much higher. That’s why my slide of the day, from Toro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz, is from that corner. Sainz’s back end stepped out on him and he was cool as a cucumber as he eased off the power, gave it all the opposite lock he could and just before the back end passed the front he pulled it back around. It’s clear that his World Rally Champion father has had a hand in his development as a driver.

Disappointment of the Day

Jolyon Palmer, Renault

Palmer had a debut British Grand Prix to forget as he started down in 18th and finished the race in the garage, wondering what had gone wrong. When on the ,track Palmer was unable to produce much and then after a tyre change he was released without a right-rear tyre on. His pit-crew quickly came and dragged him back but he was given a ten-second penalty and soon retired afterwards – it was far from the debut Palmer was hoping for.

Team of the Day

Force India

They managed to turn an eighth and 11th into a sixth and seventh thanks to some sensible driving and canny timing with tyre calls. Sergio Perez found himself running in fourth place early on after the chaos of the switch to Intermediate and then slick tyres. He held off Daniel Ricciardo and then Kimi Raikkonen for as long as he could before falling to them, but with Vijay Mallya in attendance for the first time this season it was a strong display from a driver who has garnered a lot of attention so far this season. Nico Hulkenberg was also strong, finishing less than a second behind his team-mate after holding off early charges from Williams’ and Fernando Alonso and then taking advantage of others mistakes while avoiding his own.

Toby Durant

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British Grand Prix 2016: Alternate Awards

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