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Austrian GP 2016: The Social Media View

All the action from the Austrian GP from the eyes of social media.

As we woke up to cloudy and variable weather, attentions turned to the Red Bull ring for the Austrian GP. One person who would’ve been more excited than normal this morning was birthday boy Seb.


He’ll be hoping a decent result would be the icing on the birthday cake today
Mercedes might’ve been a bit more sluggish getting up


Whereas the Red Bull drivers probably didn’t want to get dressed today, sporting some rather interesting traditional dress to go alongside their Austrian-ised race suits this weekend.


Renault were getting a bit optimistic for next season


McLaren fans were being slightly more realistic


To Jenson’s credit, he held that 2nd for 7 laps, so about 7 longer than anyone predicted



As people pitted mega-early off the ultrasoft tyres, Pirelli mused on the best strategy


Meanwhile Carlos Sainz has been impressing with his car skills recently, however not everyone was amused


Pirelli made a bold call on regarding strategies


I don’t think Pirelli expected Vettel to react how he did, though they were not the only ones


Given where the debris was, it made sense for the cars to cut through the pits under the Safety Car


Still though, speed limits to still apply Kev…


McLaren’s chances of a podium by now had decreased from slim to none, so the touristy head came out


Meanwhile, Vettel’s birthday hadn’t exactly gone to plan


Sauber however, enjoying the extra coverage of Nasr’s high flying



Renault continued their blind optimism of the morning


With just a few laps left, things were getting tense for the final points position…


With Perez crashing out on the last lap, it gave Manor it’s first points since Monaco 2014




However last word has to go to Manor, back in the points after a difficult 2 years


Chris Raftery

Work-shy former civil servant and politics graduate with an eye for an awful pun and a penchant for putting obscure music references in my articles. Never one to miss a play on words, always one to miss a deadline.


Can be found on twitter at @cpraf, but it's about as much use as following a tortoise with no legs.

Austrian GP 2016: The Social Media View

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