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Rio 2016 Olympics: Injuries and fails tracker

As with any sporting competition, injuries and fails just happen, so here is a tracker to keep up with them all.

The Olympics are now well underway as we enter Day 4. Unfortunately, as with any competitive sporting event, that does mean injuries are becoming a daily occurrence. Luckily though, there have been several funny moments and epic fails to add to the excellent competition.

This article contains videos that are only available in the UK. 


Over the last three days there have been three gruesome injuries that all signaled the end of the Olympics for the athletes.

French gymnast Samir Ait Said suffered a truly gnarly injury in the Men’s gymnastics. Warning, this video contains graphic content. 

In the Women’s cycling road race, Dutch cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten was leading the race during the final descent when tragedy struck. She suffered this awful crash and was taken to hospital to be treated for head and back injuries. She has been kept in hospital for monitoring but she has stated that she will be okay.

Reigning gold medallist in women’s 48kg judo, Sarah Menezes suffered a gruesome dislocated arm following a arm bar from Mongolia’s Urantsetseg Munkhbat.  

Unfortunately, we have another grim injury to report. Armenian weightlifter Andranik Karapetyan suffered a gnarly arm injury when trying to complete a lift. We wish him a speedy recover. 


In the women’s keirin event there was a pretty bad crash that saw two cyclists hit the deck pretty hard and another just about avoid a catastrophe. 


The cycling continues to be a very unforgiving event. In the final round of the men’s omnium, the points race, eventual silver medallist Mark Cavendish collided with South Korea’s Park Sanghoon. Sanghoon came off his bike and caused two other riders to come off, too. Sanghoon got the worst of it and was taken to hospital with a mild concussion.


In the women’s 1500m race, New Zealand’s Nikki Hamblin fell over, and the USA’s Abbey D’Agostino tripped over her. Unfortunately, despite being able to finish the race, D’Agostino seemed to suffer a pretty nasty knee injury. 



Another former Olympic champion, Holland’s Epke Zonderland, suffered a tumble and a faceplant to cost them their medal chances. In the men’s high bar, Zonderland failed to catch himself and suffered an uncomfortable looking fall. 


In the men’s hurdling semi-final’s, Haitian hurdler Jeffrey Julmis was feeling pumped and ready to go, showing the number 1 symbol before the race started. Come the first hurdle, his pre-race proclamation seemed very far off as he smashed into the hurdle having seemingly forgotten to jump. 


When someone is trying to defend a gold medal from the previous Olympics, you’d expect they would be pretty good and mistakes would rarely come about in the key moments of your defense. Well, that wasn’t so for Ilya Zakharov. During the semi-final he mistimed his dive and it ended spectacularly badly for him, and his face. 


Another event, or should I say athlete, to be effected by the downpour last night, was China’s Xue Changrui. To add insult to injury, having failed his attempt, he landed on the mat and was soaked to the skin. It obviously came as a shock and it looked as though he’d jumped into a pool rather than onto a mat. 


In the men’s weightlifting, Kiribati’s David Katoatau put on a show after his last successful lift and last unsuccessful lift. He had a little dance each time, with a huge smile on his face. Though it gave people a little laugh, it was an excellent demonstration of what it means to the athletes to be in the Olympics, and was a great show of sportsmanship. 


Following a big rain storm last night, the first round of the men’s 110m hurdles took place. Brazil’s Joao Vitor de Oliveira was just outside the qualification spots so he dived for the finishing line. He managed to get a qualification spot by one hundredth of a second, but due to the wet course he slid for a few yards. It was certainly one of the more entertaining moments. 


Diving is a pretty safe bet to produce some pretty funny bloopers at least once, well one of those came in the women’s individual 3m diving. Russia’s Nadezhda Bazhina slipped as she jumped off the diving board, resulting in a poorly timed dive and a rather ungraceful entry. 


Having won his eighth Olympic medal, you would expect Bradley Wiggins would be overcome with emotion as he stood and heard the Great British National Anthem. He may well have been, but he didn’t show it, instead, he showed off his sense of humour to the enjoyment of both the internet and his teammates. 


The Zimbabwe women’s football team were approaching the end of a pretty poor game. They were down 6-0 in the 91st minute and they manage to pull a goal back. What followed was a hilariously scripted celebration. Though this was funny, it is a great display of the joy of competing in an event like this and it was great to see. 


This is one of the weirder things to ever happen at the Olympics. It was time for the women’s 10m synchronised swimming final, but there was something different about it. That being that the pool had turned green. It was found to be completely safe, but it certainly looked weird. Take a look: 


The next fail came in judo. Lebanon’s Nacif Elias was disqualified was the event for performing an illegal arm bar. When he learnt his fate, he absolutely lost it, shouting into a camera on his way out of the arena. It was all rather embarrassing as he later came back into the arena to apologise. 


The rowing events have had the most drama so far, with heats being postponed and rowers capsizing. It is bad enough capsizing once, but Kazakhstan’s Vladislav Yakovlev capsized for the second time yesterday in the men’s single sculls.


When Hope Solo arrived in Rio for the Olympics she posted a picture that wasn’t exactly popular among Brazilians, take a look:  

Now, every time she kicks the ball the fans chant “Zika!” to show their displeasure.  

Not that it could’ve gotten much worse for French gymnast Samir Ait Said, but when he was being stretchered away and into the ambulance, the ambulance crew managed to drop him.

In the 91st minute of Brazil’s game against Iraq, with Brazil looking to score their first game of the tournament, Renato Augusta got the chance to get that goal and likely win the game, but he fluffed it and managed to put his shot over the bar of an empty net.  


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Rio 2016 Olympics: Injuries and fails tracker

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