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Rio 2016 Olympics Equestrian: Dressage Grand Prix Recap

Here's what you missed on days one and two of the Grand Prix.

The Dressage Grand Prix rounds are now over in Rio. In case you missed the action live, here’s a quick recap of the individuals that are faring well as we move into day three, the Grand Prix Special.


Day One Individual

Dorothy Schneider, Germany

On horse Showtime, Dorothy Schneider performs beautifully on day one of the Grand Prix round. In an effort to bounce back from a silver medal in London, the pair are making great strides toward achieving the gold, sitting atop the board with an 80.986 percent dressage score.

Sonke Rothenberger, Germany

Another German duo doing phenomenal things in the arena, Rothenberger and horse Cosmo are performing well, finishing the day in second. Originally a jumping pair, Rothenberger and Cosmo only have a year’s experience in dressage, which makes their standing even more impressive.

Fiona Bigwood, Great Britain

And ending the day in third, we have Fiona Bigwood and horse Orthilia. This rider’s story is particularly touching, as she contemplated selling her beloved horses to call it quits in 2014 after suffering from a major riding accident resulting in a skull fracture. Her determination proved impenetrable though, as she returned to her sport in 2015 and redefined “the comeback” as her work ethic bought her a ticket to Rio.

Dutch rider Edward Gal finds himself in the number four position, with a dressage score of 75.271. The next spot belongs to American Kasey Perry-Glass in her Olympic debut.


Day One Team


As to be expected, Germany is on a quest for their 12th golden title, and Schneider and Rothenberger are doing their part to ensure they accomplish just that. Armed with the riders’ number one and two spots on the leader board, the team excels with a dressage score average of 79.157%, a significant lead compared to the other teams.

Great Britain

Close on Germany’s heels with an average score of 74.921%, Great Britain attempts to defend their golden title from London. They have a fair shot with previous medalists Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester, who test on day two.

The United States, Sweden, and the Netherlands continue to duke it out for the third place spot, with the USA’s Kasey Perry-Glass and Allison Brock holding down the fifth and seventh positions, respectively. Sweden has riders in the sixth and tenth spots, while the Netherlands’ Edward Gal finds himself in fourth after teammate Adelinde Cornelissen and Parzival withdraw due to the horse’s toxic fever sustained after an insect bite.



Day Two Individual

Charlotte Dujardin, Great Britain

Surprising exactly nobody, defending champs Charlotte Dujardin and horse Valegro made a place for themselves at the top of the leaderboard with an 87.07 percent dressage score

Kristina Broring-Sprehe, Germany

One of three Germans on the leaderboard with a score over 80%, Broring-Sprehe and Desperados offered up a nice test, nabbing the second place spot.

Dorothy Schnieder, Germany

Also of the three Germans with scores over 80%, Schnieder completed an impressive test, though I may prefer her harmonious offering from the day prior.


Day Two Team


Team Germany is an equestrian legend, and as I mentioned above, have three riders in the second, third, and fourth positions on the board. Kristina Broring-Sprehe and horse Desperados’ score of 82.257 percent helped the team maintain its top position.

Great Britain

Propeled forward by Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro’s immaculate performance, defending champions Great Britain stole the silver position to earn entrance to the next event.

United States

After really impressive performances by Steffen Peters and Laura Graves, the United States gains enough momentum to claim the bronze medal position going into the Grand Prix Special. After Wednesday’s Grand Prix round, the team was teetering on the edge of bronze, but Thursday’s performances solidified their position.

Rio 2016 Olympics Equestrian: Dressage Grand Prix Recap

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