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NHL Comic captions: Volume 3

NHL comic captions

Have you ever looked at a sports photo and think of a funny caption? I have, and here’s a collection of some. If you enjoy this one, let us know in the comments section afterward. It may become a continuing series if you, our readers demand it.

Here’s Volume 3 of NHL Comic captions

NHL comic captions

“Let’s see that’s $12,500,000 per season, $152,439.02 per game, $7,498.23 per minute of ice time. I think I’m worth it!”

With players making as much as Connor McDavid, where will the money come from? When one player (granted McDavid is some player) takes 16.7% of the total salary cap hit, it’s time to do some research as to where this trend will lead.

No doubt the Edmonton Oilers feel he is worth that kind of money, but it’s getting ridiculous with excessive salaries causing teams to pretty much have a yard sale to rid themselves of salaries over the cap limit of $75 million.

The problem spirals into near destruction when other players, such as Leon Draisaitl requires a new contract, and he gets $8.5 million. That totals to a near impossible figure of $21 million for just two players.

Can just two players carry the team?

We’ll soon see, as Edmonton will test that theory next season. For this season McDavid will finish his entry-level contract at a mere $925,000. Pigeon feed, right?



NHL comic captions

“Let’s see my archery instructor said to keep my elbow in tight and follow through… BULLSEYE!”

The way Chicago Blackhawks’ superstar Patrick Kane shoots the puck at opposing goalies; it may appear as if it was shot from a bow. He will try to lead his Blackhawks back into the playoffs again this season, but the team has been depleted of some of its talent going forward. When a team loses talent like Hjalmarsson, Panarin, Hossa, and Trevor van Riemsdyk it can take a toll on its success.

Patrick Kane will be there, and so will Jonathan Toews. And for what they’re getting paid ($10.5 million each) they should not only be there but carry the team. This Chicago team is going to have a bit of a downward slide this season.



NHL comic captions

“I know my skating ability is quite the attraction, but do all three of you need to be staring at me simultaneously?”

Filip Forsberg can amaze onlookers with his skating ability, but he can also score and set up plays with the best of them. He had nine goals and seven assists in 22 playoff games last season. His Nashville Predators will again attempt to get to that last round where anything can happen. The Predators have an excellent blueline and added players like Nick Bonino, who went from the Cup winning Pittsburgh Penguins to the Smashville Predators.

Perhaps Forsberg can give Bonino some skating lessons. Just a thought.



NHL comic captions

“I may be wearing a different uniform this season Braden, but I can still recognize an open five-hole.” 

Derek Stepan will be changing uniforms from the New York Rangers to the Arizona Coyotes and hopes to score plenty of goals to help his new team. He has yet to not make the playoffs in his seven-year NHL career, scoring 49 points in 79 games. If he can contribute his two-way play to a team who had trouble both offensively and defensively, he may be able to pull his new team towards that enviable post-season.

Having youngsters Max Domi and Anthony Duclair on his wings won’t hurt. If he can establish the chemistry the “Killer D’s” have shown, their line should be something to watch this season.



NHL comic captions

“I knew I shouldn’t have had that fourth taco before the game… is anybody behind me?”

Auston Matthews should be able to improve even more this upcoming season. Of course scoring 40 goals in your rookie year is not bad at all. His Toronto Maple Leafs will have a team who could be a contender for the Eastern Conference crown. They have so much young talent with Matthews, Mitch Marner, William Nylander, and Connor Brown that they should be able to compete every night.

If their goaltending holds up anything is possible.

One thing is certain; Auston Matthews is one heck of a good hockey player.

Training camp starts soon, and many rookie camps begin this week. Now that the long hot summer is nearly over, let’s enjoy the fastest, most exciting sport on the planet!


If you enjoyed this new fun series, let us know in the comments section.

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NHL Comic captions: Volume 3

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