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NHL Comic captions: Volume 2

NHL comic captions

Have you ever looked at a sports photo and think of a funny caption? I have, and here’s a collection of some. If you enjoy this one, let us know in the comments section afterward. It may become a continuing series if you, our readers demand it.

Here’s Volume 2 of NHL Comic captions

NHl comic captions

(Ref speaking) “I have a strong urge that Smitty is not in favor of that call… either that or he’s practicing his baseball swing.”

Mike Smith will be losing his marbles for a different team this coming season, as he was traded to the Calgary Flames. Not one known to hide his feelings, it should be interesting when on November 30, 2017, the Flames will host the Arizona Coyotes for the first time with Smith in the net.

Seeing as how Smith trashed his teammates after the trade on a Calgary radio sports show, his ex-teammates (who know most of his moves in net) may get a little revenge. His former teammates know how he wanders from the safety of his net to retrieve loose pucks like he’s a defenseman.

Then, the real test won’t come until the Coyotes host the Flames on February 22, 2018. Most Coyotes’ fans did not take well to Smith’s derogatory remarks, and the fans may display that anger to him with boo’s and jeers.

It’s okay, Smith has an extra supply of goalie sticks if he loses his cookies again.


NHL comic captions

“Stare into my eyes… you are getting sleepy… oh so sleepy. So sleepy that you don’t have the energy to cross the red line.”

Pekka Rinne seemed to possess the powers of hypnosis on the rubber puck as he practically carried the Nashville Predators into the playoffs, and then in the Finals against the almighty, all knowing, all winning Pittsburgh Penguins. He fell short, but his acrobatics in net will be remembered, and more than likely repeated again this season.

Be ready… he’s working on a theory of gravitational pull to keep the puck out of his net. Hey, if it works, all the power to him!


NHL comic captions

“I knew we wouldn’t be traded. I mean we were terrible last season, Sakic couldn’t make up his mind what to do. We’re safe… oh wait, that’s my cell and… it’s Sakic!”

The most drawn out NHL rumor of the month award HAS to go to all the garbage talk about Matt Duchene and/or Gabriel Landeskog being traded to any number of teams… frankly that’s all it’s been is talk.

GM Joe Sakic kept denying rumor after rumor of Duchene going here or there when in effect his asking price was exorbitant. It’s less than a month before training camp begins, and Duchene and Landeskog are still employed by the Colorado Avalanche.


NHL comic captions

“Our only chance to advance past you in the Conference Finals, and prevent a three-peat is if I break your hand right now.”

Now Alex Ovechkin may feel that the Penguins are unstoppable, but he and his Washington Capitals must figure out how to stop Sidney Crosby. It may be a task so large that even the Capitals who ended the season with 118 points, can’t detour the methodically successful Pens. Their only hope is that the Pittsburgh team has lost so many integral players that even Crosby can’t pick up that slack. Time will tell.


NHL comic captions

“So I don’t look like this anymore…women still think I’m the bomb! I’m playing until I’m 50, it keeps me young.”

Jaromir Jagr does seem to have a youth serum going on, or something. I mean he’s 45, and still playing competitive NHL hockey. It’s been rumored that the Calgary Flames may be interested in signing him to a contract. No… not a modeling contract, a contract to play right wing for them!

Jagr, who has been known to be a hit with the ladies, has it all figured out, except where he’ll be playing hockey next. I mean, he’s got to update his little black book if he moves. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do…


nhl comic captions

“So, I’m what all the fuss is about? I mean I know I’m gorgeous and all, but really I’m just a CUP. I’ve been used for many unmentionables, and I’m kinda tired of it. Just revere me as something every NHL player wants before they hang up their skates.”

It all begins soon, and all 31 NHL teams will be gearing up for training camp to see who gets to compete for the honor and privilege to hoist the Cup.

If you enjoyed this new fun series, let us know in the comments section.

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NHL Comic captions: Volume 2

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