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NHL Comic captions: Volume 1

NHL comic captions

Have you ever looked at a sports photo and think of a funny caption? I have, and here’s a collection of some. If you enjoy this one, let us know in the comments section afterward. It may become a continuing series if you, our readers demand it.

NHL Comic captions are here… ENJOY !


NHL comic captions

“This overbite is annoying, I gotta get to the dentist.”

Sid the Kid, has won two straight Cups, how do you spell T-H-R-E-E ? Every other player wishes they had his skills and competitiveness. He, along with his Pittsburgh Penguins’ teammates will be going for the three-peat. Most agree that even though the Penguins lost some players like James Neal and Nick Bonino they will still be hard to beat.


NHL comi captions

“Hey, Jaromir our combined age is 85-years-old! Why do we punish our bodies like this? Let’s retire and hit the beach!”

It’s true that they are two of the oldest NHL players who still want to play. The only thing is their bodies may be telling them otherwise. Both players have made it known they still want to get signed to a contract to play in the NHL. Whether that happens or not is a mystery. With the trend being that teams are trying to get younger and faster, neither Jagr or Doan stand much of a chance.


NHL comic captions

“I guess since they paid us all that money, they’re going to expect us to bring home the Cup, huh?”

That would be… YES! Between Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, the Edmonton Oilers have invested a fortune in the range of $21 million a year on the two star players. That means they will be in the same predicament that the Chicago Blackhawks are in with Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane’s contracts amounting that lofty price. What it does is require some crafty juggling of the salary cap numbers. Have the Oilers gone overboard paying just two players 28% of their salary cap limit? We’ll see.


NHL comic captions

“Hey, isn’t there a rule against hitting me when I’m trying to tie my skate? COMEON !” 

If Max Domi can get his skates tied, he may just be the Arizona Coyotes’ leading scorer this season. He will have a new line-mate in newly acquired center Derek Stepan, who should be able to help Domi inflate his scoring prowess. It may not be enough to surge the Coyotes into the playoffs, but then who really knows for sure?


NHL comic captions

” What he doesn’t know is I put some banana pudding in his spare gloves. He thinks I’m telling you how awesome a player he is.”

The Anaheim Ducks are hoping all their “ducks are in a row” this season, and they can get by the powerful Edmonton Oilers to move further on in the playoffs. They still have goalie John Gibson, who has a 62-37-13 career record. He also has a .922 save percentage, and a 2.22 goals against average. The Ducks’ clock is ticking and stars like Ryan Kesler (33), and Ryan Getzlaf (32) are not getting any younger.


NHL comic captions

“Oh yeah… that’s how I missed most of last season. Have to stop thinking I’m made of silly putty.”

Jonathan Quick will be back after missing most of last season with a leg injury. He may want to avoid acrobatic moves likes this, but hey… that’s not going to happen. He stops them any way he can, short of standing on his head. If he stays healthy (and that is a BIG if) the Kings have a shot at being back in the playoff hunt.


NHL comin captions

“Let me look into my NHL predictions crystal ball… the Stanley Cup winner will be…”

Wouldn’t it be simple if we could just do that? There seems to be a consensus from many NHL prognosticators that the Pittsburgh Penguins will win their third straight Cup. Others feel their team has been depleted so much that someone else will take home the Cup. It could be the Edmonton Oilers, and don’t count out the Nashville Predators to come back strong again.

The fun of a new NHL season starts soon, and all the predictions may fall to the wayside.

That’s why the games are played.


If you enjoyed this new fun series, let us know in the comments section below.



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NHL Comic captions: Volume 1

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