Winners and losers of Jay Ajayi trade

The Eagles added the London-born running back for a fourth-round pick. Who wins and who loses from this trade?

The Miami Dolphins got blown out on Thursday Night Football to the tune of 40-0 by the Baltimore Ravens last week. The response? Trade one of their best players.

We take a look at the winners and losers from Miami’s decision to move Jay Ajayi to the Philadelphia Eagles for a fourth-round draft choice in 2018.

Winner: Jay Ajayi

Moving from a middle of the pack team that are a long way from playoff contention to the team with the best record in football is always going to be nice. So he may be trading Miami winter sun for the chill of the north-east, but Ajayi is almost guaranteed to be in the playoffs this year now and has a good shot at playing in a Super Bowl.

Loser: LeGarrette Blount’s fantasy owners

If, like me, you are in a deep league with few options were leaning on Blount to start most weeks then you are out of luck. Ajayi and Blount occupy the same role as the between tackles thumper, with the exception that Ajayi is much better at taking advantage of space.

With the Jay Train now available there is little reason for the Eagles to stick with Blount even at the goal line, which was where a lot of his fantasy value came from. Time to look for other options.

Winner: Carson Wentz

While the Eagles are flying high on Wentz’s arm, it’s always nice to have a ground game to lean on. Philadelphia’s running attack ranked just 14th in DVOA (prior to Week 8) Wendell Smallwood was managing just 3.8 yards a carry, and Corey Clement just 3.6. Blount has been good in some areas (4.7 ypc on the season) but with just 77 yards on 30 carries in the last two games and no involvement in the passing game, bringing in a more well-rounded back could do wonders for Wentz’s already impressive production.

Loser: Oakland Raiders

As if the Raiders weren’t against the wall enough as it is, they will be the first to face the Eagles with Jay Ajayi. Doug Pederson has learned more than a few tricks from Andy Reid and knows how to utilise backs in surprising ways. Oakland have to win on Sunday, and their job just got a lot harder because there will be unique looks and new wrinkles thrown in for the first time this week.

Loser: Miami Dolphins fans

This move hurts the watchability and the competitiveness of the Dolphins, but it could also be only the first such move we see today as the deadline looms and the team seemingly is set to accept their non-playoff fate for 2017.

If this turns into a fire sale in Miami then they could conceiveably end up behind the Jets by the time the season finishes, something that was unthinkable before the season started.

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