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Week 3 in the NFL: Sports du Jour Podcast

Chris, Dan, and Ed break down all of the potential Week 3 action.

Owning an NFL team is about the safest job in sports. You make an insane amount of money, no matter how bad you are. It is no secret Ed has no love for the likes of Art Modell, Stan Kroenke, and Bill Bidwell. Find out why.

Dan is back and giving us some hot sleeper picks for DFS. He is pushing the five figures in winnings this season. His tips could make you some extra cash going into the holidays.

Chris breaks down which secondary may be overrated, which quarterback is underrated, and which team will win the hotly contested AFC West.

Why does Ed think the AFC North is the worst division in the NFL? What does he have against the Ravens? Is it just because they are from Baltimore and so is Dan?

The big topic of discussion is why is everyone so high on the Rams? Find out why Ed thinks the optimism is unwarranted.

Also, In a bonus, which Pro Bowl QB does Ed think is grossly overvalued? Is this the opinion that fires Dan up enough he quits. Tune in to find out.

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Week 3 in the NFL: Sports du Jour Podcast

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