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The NFL Scouting Combine: What’s its purpose?

The NFL Scouting Combine kicks off it's on field testing today, to know what it is all about, here is our

The NFL Scouting Combine kicks off it’s on field testing today, to know what it is all about, here is our primer for the event. The NFL Combine is a part of the NFL offseason that some fans get really excited about.  The others think that drills will never tell you what someone is capable of in a game.  We all want as much football as we can get, but the combine is basically just a professional workout to boost your ability to be drafted.  I can’t deny that the athleticism shown in the combine is very entertaining.  The speed and leaping ability of some of these players are enough to make you wonder if you still have it.  The answer is most likely no, but you’re still going to be curious. I get it.  GMs and coaches want to be able to see for themselves the kind of machines that they could insert into next year’s roster.  If you’re relying on the combine’s drills to figure out a player’s talent level, you will only have a general idea of what that athlete is capable of because only so much can be determined through drills.  Between the combine and game tape, coaches and general managers have a decent idea of what players are capable of.  They do not know how well a player will fit within their scheme. This should be something that the combine shoots for. The combine consist of two different types of drills.  The first being workout drills.  These are the drills that we all had to do in 8th grade physical education. Run fast. Jump High.  You get it.  The other drills are position drills.  These drills are designed for a particular player’s position.  What if the NFL allowed players that were already rostered were given the ability to join in on some of these drills to see how a player would mesh with its roster?  What if Eli was throwing to Beckham while he was at the combine? What if Taylor Lewan was able to lineup with Laremy Tunsil and the Titans could see a preview of this pair?  I think that it could add quite a bit of value to something that at this point just seems like a formality. Maybe I’m just wanting to see the best players lined up before the preseason or maybe I’m onto something.  The NFL works these guys pretty good in the combine and that is for a more informed decision before the draft.  Wouldn’t it be beneficial if you can see particular players work with players already in your system?  I know that this wouldn’t be possible for every player.  It would be cool to see a limit on it for maybe 5 players of the team’s selection.  This would make it interesting any time you saw a player being selected by a team to do drills with their players.  If there is anything that the NFL loves, its a good draw.  This would add quite the buzz to the NFL offseason and also the combine.  

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The NFL Scouting Combine: What’s its purpose?

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