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The NFL meets comic books: The All-DC team

Yesterday I put together an All-Marvel team, now it’s time for the DC Universe to see what it has to offer to the NFL world.  


Quarterback – Batman

If anyone was ever going to be behind the ball, and calling the plays, it had to be old Brucey. The man has one of the most gifted analytical minds in the universe, and the reflexes of a cat. These attributes coupled with amazing agility and trained strength make him a formidable player to have under center.

Running back – Lobo

I’m not even going to lie, Lobo is without a doubt my favourite DC character. The man that picks fights with entire planets, and went toe-to-toe with Superman – just for fun – is always going to end up on my list. The Main Man would have no problems smashing through the opposition to get to the end zone. Hell, he wouldn’t even need the ball, he’d do it on a pass play.

Fullback – Cat Man

Olympic level athlete, check. Top level combatant, having taken on Batman, and a lion, check. Cat Man might be a little known DC character, but with his resurgence through recent publications, he has been highlighted as a character capable of holding his own, and deserves a spot in the back field, providing some heavy blocks where needed.

Center – Cyborg

If you need accuracy, and you need that coupled with strength, you can’t go wrong looking for it with Cyborg. The Justice League alumni, and leader of the Titans brings both inhuman strength and accuracy to the position of snapper.

Left guard – Killer Croc

You want someone big, strong and aggressive? Killer Croc will be your man. The original inhuman terror would be perfect stalking the field for victims on run plays. With incredible strength, and a taste for the opposition, you only get in his way once.

Right guard – King Shark

If you have Croc on the left of centre, you need a similar beast on the other side. King Shark is more than just a parody of the Croc. With a whole new level of aggression, and a definite taste for flesh, the Shark makes for an even more terrifying prospect on the right hand side of the offense.

Left tackle – Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy is one of the original big boys of DC. With superhuman strength and resilience, this undead beast is capable of handling most things thrown at him with only the most minor of acknowledgements.

Right tackle – Doomsday

When some of your main requirements are strength and resilience, then Doomsday is your beast. Literally designed to withstand everything, the beast that slew Superman is more than ready to move defensive players around the field, all day long.

Tight end – Bane

You want power, you want muscle to fire through the opposition? They don’t come much tougher than Bane. He might fail a few mandatory drugs tests, but not before he throws literally every opposition player into the stands. The man who broke Batman would be more than enough for your average defense to deal with.

Wide receiver – The Flash

You want speed, you’ve got it. With Flash burning down one side of the field, by the time the ball has left Batman’s hands, the Flash will be in the end zone waiting for it. With incredible speed on the snap, and amazing agility to control it, this is your guy for the deep ball.

Wide receiver – Superman

Ignoring the laser eyes, freeze breath, the ability to flying and all that jazz, Superman is faster than a speeding bullet. That coupled with his super strength means is going to be able to catch and carry some pretty impressive short field passes.


Defensive tackle – Clayface

When you need someone strong and flexible, you call on Clayface. Able to reform his body into literally any shape at will, and possessing incredible strength, Clayface would be ideal to play the gap-filling role in the middle of the defensive line.

Defensive tackle – Blockbuster

As part of a four-man front, Blockbuster brings some real power to the front line. With Superhuman strength, and little in the brains department, he makes the perfect defensive tackle for this lineup.

Left defensive end – Shazam

With powers comparable to Superman, Billy Batson would make a fantastic pass rusher, and would be more than capable of shrugging off any run plays that the offense might try. Shazam would be the ideal defensive end to pull into the box on an aggressive blitz play.

Right defensive end – Black Adam

Black Adam is the exact counterpoint to Shazam. With all of the same powers as his counterpart, only evil, these two defensive ends would make for a perfect pinch play duo, agile and strong, always useful against a pushy O-line.

Inside linebacker – Wonder Woman

You need strength and agility. You got it. Wonder Woman is cleaning clocks and taking names, and nobody is going to stop her anytime soon. With a new film coming out, you’re about to see exactly what it is that she can bring to this position on the field, if you aren’t already a fan of this badass from the 70s series.

Inside linebacker – Green Lantern

Backing up Wonder Woman on the other side of the defense has got to be Hal Jordan. The literal wielder of willpower, this man is ability crossed with self-control, and he’s there to get the job done.

Outside linebacker – Martian Manhunter

J’onn J’onez (I didn’t name him) has the ability to control his molecular density, and effectively make himself intangible, or as strong as he likes. The ultimate adaptable outside rusher, he’s going to be invaluable no matter what they throw at him.

Outside linebacker – Beast-Boy

I’m making no apologies here. Beast-Boy is able to become any animal he wants. You need someone to be fast? Bam – cheetah. You want to shrug off that overly friendly lineman? Pow – gorilla. You need to force someone across the field by blocking the outside? Phoom – blue whale. Beast-Boy is massively underrated, and here is where he gets to shine.

Cornerback – Deathstroke

Slade Wilson is one of the most accomplished contract killers in the DC universe, and is capable of taking on anyone and everyone. If you want to shut somebody down, Slade is your man. For those of you about to point out that Slade and Wade sound very similar, DC was there first!

Corner – Raven

Raven has the power to create anything she likes from the shadows, and even has the ability to teleport. She very rarely needs to get her hands dirty when she is dealing with her opponents. Not only is she incredibly powerful, but she’s armed with the driest wit in the game. Not only are you getting tanked, but you’re going to get a sick burn to go with it.

Safety – Starfire

Last bastion of defense has to go to Starfire. Super strength, super agility, heightened speed – all the skills needed to absolutely dominate those stray players who have managed to get down field. She’s got a mean temper, so don’t get on the wrong side of her.

Kicker – Harley Quinn

Quinn gets the kicker place because she is without doubt one of the most standout characters in the DC universe, and I genuinely can’t think of a character that is inherently good at kicking. She gets the spot based on the fact that she has successfully transitioned from being a support character to being one of the most popular anti-heroes in the roster, even going as far as to almost surpass her beau, the enigmatic Joker, in popularity.

So the DC universe has some major power players, with incredibly adaptable skill sets. We did our best to avoid using too many OP characters, to keep the field balanced. What do you think, did we miss some obvious choices? Did we leave your favourite character on the sidelines? Let us know what you think. Like in any football rivalry, Marvel and DC have fans that will fight to the death for their preferred franchise, well they have another way to decide who has the upper hand. Who will win on the gridiron? You decide. Let us know who you think would win.

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The NFL meets comic books: The All-DC team

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