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The All-Game of Thrones NFL team!

We continue our Game of Thrones week at RealSport with our all-GoT NFL team! Coachi

We continue our Game of Thrones week at RealSport with our all-GoT NFL team!  

Coaching staff

Head Coach – Tywin Lannister

Tywin Lannister is the obvious choice here, he is battle tested and knows how to keep his house in order, for the most part. He likes to take credit for other people’s work, while he sits back comfortable in the knowledge he is controlling everything.

Offensive Coordinator – Roose Bolton

No-one has risen faster in the ranks than Roose Bolton since he became OC for Tywin. He is extremely smart and battle tested with an eye for the prize. With such a meteoric rise, he will now have to show he isn’t just a flash in the pan.

Defensive Coordinator – Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister has the pedigree to succeed as the highest level, although he is known for his battles with authority. While his discipline is sometimes questioned, his ability is undeniable. Watching his team battle is a masterclass, and his defence is known to attack like a wildfire.  


Quarterback – Eddard Stark

Experience over flash here with the pick of Ned Stark. He is smart, loyal, and can be trusted. He brings a level of experience that can’t be learned from all the battles he has been in.

Running Back – Ramsay Bolton

He is sneaky and very hard to catch, both traits of a dynamic running back. He has been given this opportunity due to his contacts on the offensive staff, however he has shown his ability to shock the masses.

Wide Receiver – Oberyn Martell

They say that style over substance can be a bad thing, but Oberyn Martell is here to prove that to be a falsehood. He has elite hands, exception speed and is a threat all over the field. He can sometimes become over confident, hopefully he won’t let it become a headache.

Wide Receiver – Daario Naharis

A great compliment to Oberyn in the form of Daario Naharis. This receiver corps is extremely athletic, and Daario adds a level of discipline to the mix. He has a knack for coming up with the goods, and after his rookie season, seems a completely different player.

Slot Receiver – Ygritte

Playing as the third receiver in the slot is Ygritte. She might seem a little undersized, but she is powerful and very determined. She is known to be quite the wild player and can be a little unhinged at times. However what she lacks in discipline, she more than makes up for in desire.

Tight End – Jorah Mormont

Mr Reliable Jorah Mormont is in at tight end, and his impact can’t be overstated. While he won’t receive much of the praise, he is always there when he is needed. He is very reliable, however he is used more as a blocker than a receiver. His ability to become stone-like when blocking is indispensable.

Left Tackle – Barristan Selmy

Fiercely loyal and very protective over his employers, Barristan Selmy is the perfect blindside blocker. With a never-say-die attitude and a strong sense of duty he slots in at left tackle. While a little long in the tooth, he has shown on multiple occasions that he will do anything to protect and serve.

Left Guard – Samwell Tarly

Samwell Tarly might seem a little soft for the left guard position, but he has shown a natural ability to protect on multiple occasions. He is a big body who with the right motivations can fight in the trenches and protect his quarterback.

Centre – Podrick Payne

Podrick Payne lives to serve. He is smart, strong and listens very well. He doesn’t make many mistakes, and any he does make, he doesn’t make twice. He is strong enough to compete at the point of attack, and learns fast, so any holes in his game won’t be there for long.

Right Guard – Hodor

Hodor is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but his power is as good as any man in the Seven Kingdoms. He is best when he only has one job to do, therefore he is a natural lineman. He is good in pass protection, however he is a natural run blocker, so the right side of the line in the perfect fit.

Right Tackle – Gregor Clegane

The Mountain is as powerful as they come, and he is a natural fit at right tackle. A mauler in every sense of the word, he was originally a defensive player, before constant fighting with his brother forced a move to the offence. His ability to destroy everything in his path make him the perfect run blocker.  



Left End – Sandor Clegane

The Hound is a known dog of war, and he has the battle scars to prove it. Relentless in his pursuit for the gold, as he calls it, he won’t stop until he is victorious. His battles with his brother are sometimes a distraction, however that is all forgiven as his bite is definitely worse than his bark.

Nose Tackle – Tormund Giantsbane

Tormund Giantsbane is a huge man in the middle of the defensive line. His name is a reminder of his destruction of offensive lines at will when he has the chance. While he severely lacks discipline and plays with wild disregard for his own safety, not many hit harder.

Right End – Brienne of Tarth

Brienne is as loyal as they come. She is known to be very smart and also very tactile. She approaches her duties with discipline, which is something her fellow lineman lack. She is extremely powerful, and once in servitude to one team, she is unlikely to ever look elsewhere.

Left Outside Linebacker – Jamie Lannister

Jamie Lannister is extremely smart and savvy, something that comes in handy in this league. He has the look, and you have to hand it to him, he is very much the prototypical linebacker. Even though he has the aesthetics, he is not expecting any handouts. He has been handpicked based on his ability, and he is out to prove that looking good isn’t a handcuff.

Inside Linebacker – Robb Stark

The King in the North is battle tested and ready to make his mark on the league. While only young he is showing his ability to lead early, and with youthful exuberance on his side, he has the speed and strength to do so. The sky is the limit for this young player.

Inside Linebacker – Jon Snow

The quarterback of the defence, Jon Snow is a natural born leader. He has suffered from people not taking him seriously in the past, due to his rough lineage, however he has stepped up when needed and really shown his ability. Paired with Robb they make a formidable team.

Right Outside Linebacker – Bronn

Bronn is the experienced player in this vaunted linebacker corps. While the other three sometimes play with reckless abandon, Bronn is very reliable and always makes sure he is one step ahead of the opposition. While he has an affinity for a fast lifestyle, he is very trustworthy and always does the job.

Cornerback – Greyworm

Leader of the Unsullied, Greyworm is all business with no flash. He is a hardnosed corner with the ability to play hard every down. Extremely disciplined and very hard to unnerve, he is the perfect player when the pressure is on.

Cornerback – Loras Tyrell

The exact opposite to Greyworm, Loris Tyrell is a very extravagant player. While Greyworm is all business, Tyrell is all about the big play. Any opportunity to make a play he will take it, and look good doing it. While he is a little unreliable and can be indecisive, he hits more than he misses.

Free Safety – Jaqen H’ghar

The Faceless Man is a man of many talents, with the ability to hit, cover, support the run and blitz, Jaqen is the total package. It is as if each time he plays a down, he plays it as a different person. Each of these personas combines into a very good football player.

Strong Safety – Khal Drogo

Khal Drogo hits like a truck. Drogo is known for his elite power and tackling ability. He can become a liability in coverage when going for the huge hit, however once a player gets hit by him once, they don’t come back for more.  

The All-Game of Thrones NFL team!

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