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The 2016 Schedules: The Houston Texans

Merely reaching the playoffs isn’t a bad result for a team that only have nine seasons behind them. The youngest team in the NFL

  Merely reaching the playoffs isn’t a bad result for a team that only have nine seasons behind them. The youngest team in the NFL are going to recoup, regroup, and set their sights firmly on the playoffs for year 15. With JJ Watt still delivering the goods, and an equally scary defense backing him up, the Texans just need to look to improve their offense. Below are the opponents that they will be lining up against in 2016-2017.


  With a field like that to play against, it’s going to be an interesting year for the Texans.

Nice & Easy 

Tennessee Titans With the Titans putting up results to rival the Browns this season, the Houston boys are going to relish playing against the team that they thrashed at both ends of this season. Unless Tennessee do very well in the draft, and pull some major moves on free agents, it could well be a cakewalk for the Texans when they face the Titans this season.

Hard hitting

Green Bay Packers Houston thrive on pressuring opposing QBs, this is their bread and butter, and they employ JJ Watt to great effect in that area. Green Bay welcome back Jordy Nelson next season and will look to again be a top 5 offense behind their MVP-calibre QB, Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is going to be a real struggle for Houston to face and Green Bay will going to be a real test for them this year, as the unstoppable force meets the immovable object. Houston could really upset the apple cart by mixing it up, and going for the back field shut-out instead of the pass rush. This would force Green bay to switch to a running game, and play directly into Watt’s hands. Prime Time Potential New England Patriots With Belichick’s boys turning into a legacy team in front of our eyes, they are the team to beat this time around. Any game that you draw against the Pats is going to get big numbers of viewers. With a loss on record last season, the Texans are going to want to redress that issue. Going to play the Pats at home could be their opportunity to leave their mark on the 10th season, by putting New England to bed. Facing off against the AFC south is always easy for Houston, with only the Colts holding out against them this time around. Losses to high finishing teams were expected, but they still need to stop losing to the likes of the Dolphins and the Bills if they want to be taken seriously. Facing the Chargers and Lions should be a nice start too, but with the likes of the Packers, Patriots, Vikings and Broncos on board, this could well go badly for the boys from Texas. This tenth season is where they show what they can do, against some big names.

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The 2016 Schedules: The Houston Texans

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