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The 2016 Schedules: The Denver Broncos

In what has proved a contentious season for the Broncos, they have managed to win a divisional championship, gain the #1 seed in the AFC an

In what has proved a contentious season for the Broncos, they have managed to win a divisional championship, gain the #1 seed in the AFC and a shot at the SuperBowl game. With Peyton Manning showing a sudden decline in his game early on, followed by the HGH revelations shortly after, most people would not have been shocked to see the Broncos roll out of the regular season on a low. Brock Osweiler came to the rescue, with his flexibility, and then Manning pulled it back out of the hat in the playoffs. Suddenly, the Broncos were back, and could go all the way. In the meanwhile, let’s take a look at what next year has in store for the boys from Denver. HOME                  AWAY Chiefs                       Chiefs Raiders                   Raiders Chargers               Chargers Texans                    Jaguars Colts                        Titans Falcons                   Saints Panthers            Buccaneers Patriots                 Bengals

Nice & Easy

Tennessee Titans The Titans had an abysmal season, and are rapidly starting to look like the new Cleveland Browns. With this being the case, most teams are more than happy to have them pop up in their schedule. Travelling to Tennessee is going to be a positive trip for the Broncos, and they can be very confident of walking straight over them. It’s going to be a lopsided game, and you can expect the Broncos to bring out some of their rookies for this game.

Hard Hitting

Carolina Panthers The Panthers are pounding their way through the playoffs, riding the Newton rollercoaster, and proving what four seasons of hard work can achieve. With the Panthers facing Arizona in the Conference Championship game, and the Broncos facing off against the Patriots, it could well be that we get a preview of this in the SuperBowl. The Panthers are making the world hurt right now, and you can be confident that they are going to be keeping up the pressure next season.

Prime Time Potential

New England Patriots This game is being played this very weekend, for the AFC Champions title. No matter who wins, you can guarantee that this game is going to draw in the crowds, as the match gets played out again in the regular season. With Brady and Manning being two of the oldest and biggest names in the NFL, this was always going to be a big matchup, but now it’ll be a grudge match too. It’s going to be big, and getting tickets to this one is going to be hard. Next season is going to be up and down for the Broncos. With some nice and easy games contrasted with some real hard match-ups. With Manning surely pondering retirement, this could well be more about Osweiler than him. Games against the Titans and Jaguars make a nice contrast to games against the Pats and Panthers.  

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The 2016 Schedules: The Denver Broncos

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