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The 2016 Schedules – the Dallas Cowboys

Let’s be blunt, the 2015 season hasn’t been kind to the Dallas Cowboys. With Romo getting injured in week 2, and then losing him again a

Let’s be blunt, the 2015 season hasn’t been kind to the Dallas Cowboys. With Romo getting injured in week 2, and then losing him again after their only win since Week 2, only the 4th win of the season – against the Redskins – could provide them with solace. Firing their backup QB, and then losing your star QB after only one game back hurt them a lot, and has provided the Dallas front office with a lot to think about with regards to preparing for the next season. Below is the total matchups for next season.  


  With the North coming to town, and only one backup QB, this could well be a challenging season. Let’s take a look at how they line up.    

Nice and Easy

The Cleveland Browns were the whipping boys – alongside Tennessee – of this season. Posting the worst performance in a long time, their season started poorly, and never really recovered. Every team in the league is going to be looking at the Browns and salivating this season, as they will inevitably fall prey to the same weaknesses that they do every year. Until the Browns can start protecting their QB, they are going to sit at the bottom of the league, and stay there.  

Hard Hitting

The Steelers are going to be hitting the ground running this year. Having been pipped to the post by the Bengals for the AFC North title, and slipping into the playoffs on a wild card, Pittsburgh are going to want to come out strong next season, to try and shut down their divisional rivals early. With a strong showing this season, some smart moves on free agents could well bolster the already strong team up to a SB level again. If the Cowboys want to show what they have next year, they could do worse than protecting Romo from the Steeler’s pass rushers.  

Prime time

With the Vikings pushing Green Bay right to the wire in an exciting week 17 to conclude the NFC North title race, they have made it clear that they are back to their winning ways, and the playoffs could well go strongly for them. They are going to win a lot of fans this season, and the Cowboys could capitalise on this by getting a Prime time slot when they travel to Minnesota. If Green Bay and the Vikings are playing their normal game of cat and mouse, then this could well be one of the games that decides who pulls ahead in the race. If the Cowboys could pull a win in this one, then they could gain some major traction off of the back of that.   This is going to be one of the hardest seasons that the Cowboys have experienced, with some punishing teams that will destroy their QB given half a chance. With Romo’s clavicle issues, the front office need to seriously look at their next QB, and who is available in the draft this season. Shutting down those pass rushers is going to be key for the Cowboys, and tuning in their defense will definitely help against some of the Northern teams.  

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The 2016 Schedules – the Dallas Cowboys

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