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Steelers emerge victorious after Bengals penalties squander lead

Well that came down to the wire didn’t it?!The Steelers started off driving the ball up and down the field, but couldn’t s

  Well that came down to the wire didn’t it?! The Steelers started off driving the ball up and down the field, but couldn’t score; kicking 3 field goals in the first two quarters, whereas McCarron and the Bengals couldn’t get anything on the board until well into the 3rd Quarter.  

Injury report

Ben Roethlisberger: Shoulder

Late in the third quarter after throwing a Touchdown pass to Martavis Bryant; Ben Roethlisberger was injured whilst being sacked by Linebacker Vontaze Burfict. He left the field for 3 drives where Landry Jones played fairly well; going 2-5 with an interception, however Roethlisberger returned in the 4th Quarter to set up the Field Goal attempt to win the game. He has been listed with a sprained AC joint on NFL.com, and his status for next week is TBC  

Antonio Brown: Concussion

Late in the 4th Quarter, Linebacker Vontaze Burfict came in with an illegal hit to the head on Brown which was flagged. It also removed Brown from the game and he is now undergoing the league’s concussion protocol. He will most likely be questionable or out against the Broncos depending on his recovery over the week.  

The Steelers pride on offense

The Steelers had the ball 13 times in their possession and scored 3 field goals and only one Touchdown. They really need to get something going on offense as it’s currently not something to be proud of. (I’m a Steelers fan by the way)  

Key Plays

That Touchdown

Bearing in mind there were only three touchdowns in this fixture, you’ve gotta go with the lone Steelers’ passing touchdown out of the three scored. I mean, DID YOU SEE MARTAVIS BRYANT’S TOUCHDOWN?! Seriously! The guy first of all beats Kirkpatrick on the outside, then bobbles it, causing him to put it behind his knees and frontflips whilst keeping control of the ball. That was absolutely ridiculous  

The Turnovers

This game was full of turnovers by both teams, here’s a breakdown: AJ McCarron turned over the ball twice in the first half; once by a pick to Antwon Blake, then a fumble, both led to field-goals by the Steelers. Giovanni Bernard then fumbled the ball on a huge hit by Shazier. Then Landry Jones nearly ended the game with a pick to Vontaze Burfict, but they do say it’s never over until the final whistle, as Linebacker Ryan Shazier managed to force a fumble with under 2 minutes to go, which leads to our game-changing moment:  

The impending suspension of Vontaze Burfict

The illegal hit on Brown, and ensuing personal foul were the difference between a Steelers’ win and loss in my opinion. If Burfict hadn’t of put that illegal hit on Antonio Brown he would have left Pittsburgh on it’s own 45 yard line without time on their side. Burfict clearly had time to pull out of that hit and did it to hurt a player. With his comments about ‘hating Pittsburgh’ and the malicious intent that he played this game; he’s getting a suspension and a big fine for sure.  

Standout performance

For me it has to be Willis Reed 2.0; Ben Roethlisberger. The guy’s played through pain almost all of his career; to be carted off the field (and have a bottle thrown at him), to coming back in the 4th and slinging it to set up Boswell. The guy’s an absolute trooper, and I wish him all the best in the recovery process leading up to Denver  

Fallout from the game

So we know Ben got hurt, and Brown suffered an almighty concussion, so the Steelers’ receiving corps is going to have to get ready for Landry Jones to start. The last time the Steelers played the Broncos with Big Ben, and it may be time to see if they’ll be able to win with Jones to save Ben for the potential championship game. I sure hope that Antonio Brown is able to come back, as he’s a safety blanket for any QB, but in terms of concussion protocols and what should  happen after a player is hit like that, I doubt he’ll be active at Mile-High.  

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Steelers emerge victorious after Bengals penalties squander lead

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