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RealSport NFL Top 100: Selections 90-81

With the NFL’s top 100 well under way, we here at Real Sport thought we would give you our own version; Th

With the NFL’s top 100 well under way, we here at Real Sport thought we would give you our own version; The RS 100. Every writer here had the chance to vote for the 100 best players from the 2015 season. This ranking was done regardless of position value or salary cap cost. It was simply based on who had the best 2015 season. As a result you won’t see quality players like Jordy Nelson anywhere on our ranking as he didn’t play a single snap in the 2015 season. Voting panel: Toby Durant, Remy Cabache, Cameron Tennyson, Rebecca Rennie, Daniel Hernandez, David Pruett, Ryan Tolster

81. Calvin Johnson, Wide Receiver, Detroit Lions

(TD: #96, RC: #84, CT: #96, RR: NR, DH: NR, DP: #88, RT: #74) In what turned out to be Megatron’s final season in Detroit, he showed that he still had it. Yes, he wasn’t quite the same as he has been, and other receivers have certainly started to steal his spotlight, but there were plenty of example this season that showed why Megatron was still a top 100 player in the NFL.

82 Josh Sitton, Guard, Green Bay Packers

(TD: #71, RC: NR, CT: NR, RR: 39, DH: #25, DP: NR, RT: #81) It’s weird to say a team had a down year when it went 11-5, won a Wild Card game and forced overtime in its Divisional Round game. Well, one of the reasons the Packers managed all of this during a ‘down year’ is Sitton. Sitton remained as one of the better guards in the NFL.

83 Kirk Cousins, Quarterback, Washington Redskins

(TD: NR, RC: NR, CT: #25 RR: #84 DH: NR DP: #47 RT: #64) As I just eluded too, a lot of Cousins success is owed to Williams ability to keep him on his feet, but Cousins play cannot be contributed entirely to others. Despite a slow start, he played like one of the best QB’s in the NFL down the stretch and led the Redskins to the NFC East crown, and back to the Playoffs. He did earn the Franchise Tag the Redskins slapped him with this offseason.

84 Trent Williams, Tackle, Washington Redskins

(TD: NR, RC: NR, CT: NR, RR: #55, DH: #67, DP: #32, RT: #80) Despite the Redskins ups and downs over the past few years, there has been one constant: Trent Williams. Williams steady play continued this season as he kept Cousins on his feet and paved the way for the Redskins offense.

85 Gerald McCoy, Defensive Tackle, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

(TD: NR, RC: #78, CT: NR, RR: #77, DH: #28, DP: NR, RT: #59) Gerald McCoy has been and still is a linchpin of the Buccaneers franchise, and this year only went to re-enforce that. Whilst playing through a torn rotator cuff and a broken hand, McCoy remained the same destructive force in the middle of the trenches. Against the run and the pass.

86 Clay Matthews, Linebacker, Green Bay Packers

(TD: NR, RC: #64, CT: NR, RR: #80, DH: #32, DP: NR, RT: #89) Matthews’s talent is such that he can play out if position yet still be among the top 100 in the NFL. Admittedly, the position change is not the biggest, but it is change, nonetheless. What really stands out when you watch Matthews play is his athleticism and the versatility that it gives him. He is a joy to watch easily a top 100 talent.

87 Ndamukong Suh, Defensive Tackle, Miami Dolphins

(TD: #70, RC: NR, CT: NR, RR: #37, DH: #86, DP: NR, RT: #84) Suh dominated all of the offseason when he signed a huge contract with the Dolphins. However, to start the year he did not seem like he was worth it. Luckily, though, he turned it around as the year went on, and by the end of the year he seemed to be the same old Ndamukong Suh.

88 DeAngelo Williams, Running Back, Pittsburgh Steelers

(TD: NR, RC: #86, CT: NR, RR: NR, DH: #85, DP: #49, RT: #71) Coming into the season, no-one could’ve predicted that Williams would have the kind of season that he did. He was only in Pittsburgh as a more reliable backup option to the do-it-all LeVeon Bell. However, Bell’s suspension and then season-ending injury made Williams the Steelers number one running back, and he made the most of that opportunity. He looked like a top-10 starting running back.

89 Danny Trevathan, Linebacker, Denver Broncos

(TD: NR, RC: NR, CT: #55, RR: #62, DH: #97, DP: #89, RT: NR) Trevathan and Brandon Marshall were at the heart of the Broncos defense one their way to the Super Bowl title this year and he used his play this year to bargain for a nice, big contract with the Bears. Trevathan showed he is a very effective, every down linebacker and is an exciting talent.

90 Dont’a Hightower, Linebacker, New England Patriots

(TD: #75, RC: #96, CT: #92, RR: NR, DH: #42, DP: NR, RT: NR) The Patriots are going to find themselves in a contract logjam, and Hightower will be one of those affected. While Jamie Collins may get more attention thanks to his freak athletic ability, Hightower was the hammer for this defense this year and was possibly more of an impact for it too.

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RealSport NFL Top 100: Selections 90-81

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