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RealSport NFL top 100: League MVP Cam Newton claims #1

We wrap up our countdown of the top 100 NFL players from 2015 with the #1 guy: Carolina's Cam Newton.

With the NFL’s top 100 well under way, we here at Real Sport thought we would give you our own version; The RS 100. Every writer here had the chance to vote for the 100 best players from the 2015 season. This ranking was done regardless of position value or salary cap cost. It was simply based on who had the best 2015 season. As a result you won’t see quality players like Jordy Nelson anywhere on our ranking as he didn’t play a single snap in the 2015 season.

Voting panel: Toby Durant, Remy Cabache, Cameron Tennyson, Rebecca Rennie, Daniel Hernandez, David Pruett, Ryan Tolster

Cam Newton, Quarterback, Carolina Panthers

(TD: #11, RC: #1, CT: #1, RR: #1, DH: #1, DP: #2, RT: #1)

It’s not really a surprise when the reigning league MVP comes in at number 1 is it?

Cam Newton has been looked at as a potentially great quarterback since being drafted #1 overall in 2011. Now, in his 5th year in the league, I think it’s time to remove that “potentially” caveat.

His 2015 season was nothing but touchdowns, celebrating and people getting annoyed at him celebrating – because how dare someone have fun doing what they love right?

35 passing touchdowns along with 10 rushing, 4,503 total yards and a 15-1 regular season record will get you a long way, but Newton was far from perfect. He completed under 60% of his passes in the regular season and turned the ball over 15 times. Still, when you look at what was around Cam those numbers become extremely impressive. A no-name offensive line barring center Ryan Kalil, his best wide receiver was Ted Ginn Jr whose reputation for drops is worse than maybe anyone else in the NFL.

Take that (relatively) poor supporting cast into account and before you even look at the tape it’s clear Cam Newton should be in the discussion for the #1 slot in our Top 100. He lead a huge 4th quarter comeback on the road against Seattle, throwing the winning touchdown pass with just 32 seconds left on the clock to finally overcome what had been a serious bogey team for the Panthers. He went toe to toe with Aaron Rodgers in week 9 and came out on top. While some players can fade down the stretch Newton seemed to just get better – 18 touchdowns in the final 5 games and a QB rating of 119.4 were testament to his ability to produce when it mattered. He and the Panthers offense crushed their way through the NFC in the playoffs before running into the buzzsaw that was the Denver Broncos defense in the Super Bowl. Newton was simply awesome in 2015, and while I ranked him far and away the lowest at #11 that does not mean I think he was anything other than great last season.

We have been putting gifs of plays in our columns as examples of the players style and ability. But there is no one play that sums up Cam Newton – there aren’t even 5 plays that could do that. So we will just leave you with this video of the #1 player and his best plays from 2015.
Drink it in and appreciate that he does things on the football field that no one else can.

Thank you for reading our Top 100. Do you agree that Cam should be #1? Was someone too high or low? Let us know in the comments below!


Toby Durant

A passionate and opinionated writer, I am currently the NFL editor for RealSport. However, I also contribute to F1, WWE, Football, and other sections of the site, and I have covered the NFL International Series for RealSport and previously contributed to SB Nation.


I also have 10 years playing and coaching experience in American football, starting at the University of Nottingham and including a stint as defensive coordinator at Oxford Brookes University. I may be a Patriots fan but all aspects of the sport interest me, from guard play to special teams.

RealSport NFL top 100: League MVP Cam Newton claims #1

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