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QB Changes Reviewed: Broncos, Cowboys & Rams

Last week we called out on three separate QB changes, and what the likely impacts these will have on the teams. The first games have been played, let’s take a look at what happened, and how far off the mark we were.

Denver Broncos

The Broncos benched Manning for Osweiler, and we felt that he could deliver better on the new offense that the veteran, but not by a lot. Osweiler threw no interceptions, not a single interception, all game. That alone should put him solidly in the starting QB chair for the rest of the season. He threw 20 for 27 and completed 250 yards, showing that he was more than capable of utilising the new offense system, and making it work. 5 sacks indicate that his offensive line might be struggling with keeping him protected. All in, he did exactly what we expected. He delivered a better performance than Manning, by not sucking, and actually following the plays. They should keep him for the rest of the season, I can only see him improving on this.


We called this one as the most likely to make a difference, but at the same time, the biggest gamble. Romo threw 227 yards over 18 for 28. Two TD, and two interceptions. It was an adequate performance from Romo, who is probably playing it cautiously to start with. His O-line did a great job in protecting him on the plays. The important thing is that they pulled a win out of th bag, and got the team back on track. For a return to the game, this was pretty solid, and he completed his 50th career pass to Bryant on this game too, as well as starting the game with a left handed lob after he got pressured in the box. Again, Romo delivered as expected. This was a gamble, that appears to have paid off, although the star QB didn’t look 100%.


We predicted that this would make almost no difference to the Rams season, effectively replacing one mediocre QB with another. Wow. Keenum proved that he was exactly what the Rams wanted, a replacement, not an improvement. In one of the worst examples of a game of football I have ever seen, Keenum threw 136 yards over 12 for 26. One TD pass over 30 yds, offset by three fumbles, two of which resulted in loss of possession. Playing against a team that gave away 137 yards over ten penalties, they still managed to lose in the last moment, by awarding a fumble in the dying moments of the fourth quarter. The only thing the Rams could take from this loss was that they messed up the Ravens best QB and RB, but those were nothing to do with the offense. Keenum proved that he is not the driver of change that the Rams hoped he could be. In fairness, the entire offense sucked. You can’t win games with one half of the team playing. All in, quite accurate predictions, but pretty easy ones to call. Still, there’s always the rest of the season. You never know what will happen.

QB Changes Reviewed: Broncos, Cowboys & Rams

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