NFL Week 6 Hot Takes: Packers are done

Sunday is done, and it's time to look at some hot takes!

Another wild Sunday is in the books, with the NFL throwing up more surprises than ever it’s time to take a look at the hottest takes of Week 6.

The Packers are done

Aaron Rodgers has a broken right collarbone, which will almost certainly end his season, and that of the Green Bay Packers.

Up until this week the Packers were arguably the best team in the NFC thanks to Rodgers’ ridiculous knack for the unexpected and his super-human ability to throw rockets from odd angles. Without that talent it’s tough to see how they score enough points to keep an inconsistent defense afloat, keep their ground game going, and put up enough fantasy points to sustain Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams owners.

All in all, it was a rough, rough week for the Packers and their fans, as well as fans of the league in general. Aaron Rodgers is a treasure who makes Sunday’s more fun.

Adrian Peterson is BACK!

All it took was a move out to the desert to rejuvenate Adrian Peterson. Like Emmitt Smith, Edgerrin James, and Chris Johnson before him, AP’s move to Arizona has resulted in an immediate up-tick in performance.

The Buccaneers came into Sunday with the 6th best run defense DVOA, but were without linebacker Kwon Alexander, as well as safety Keith Tandy and four defensive linemen. All those injuries mounted up to make a front that was ripe for picking. Some good blocks and running with a chip on his shoulder allowed Peterson to put in his best performance for over two years.

There is no dominant team

With the ‘72 Dolphins popping champagne after just six weeks this season, it is very, very clear that the NFL doesn’t have a singularly dominant team this season. The Chiefs are fallible, the Packers are quarterbackless, the Patriots defense is broken.

We have just two one-loss teams so far, and 18 teams either at or one game away from .500. There are very few standout teams and in particular consistent sides. Which team do you really trust to play brilliantly in Week 7? I can’t pick one.

The Falcons hangover runs deep

A strong lead against an out-matched opponent, and then a loss. Sound familiar? Well it should. Once again the Atlanta Falcons fell to pieces in the second half against an AFC East team. The once-fearsome offense mustered just 23 plays and 90 yards in the second half, while the defense allowed Miami to look far more competent on offense then they have all season. The last thing they needed was a reminder of Super Bowl LI, but when you are a heavy-favorite and well ahead, a loss can’t help but bring back memories best left in the past.

The Raiders are not who we thought they were

Derek Carr returned to the lineup, but it didn’t make the Raiders offense the juggernaut it was last year. They mustered just 274 yards and 16 points despite Carr completing 70% of his passes.

Except for smoking the Jets in Week 2 they have not looked anything like the balanced, defense-wrecking machine they were last season. We all had the Raiders among our Super Bowl contenders this year, but it was reliant on their offense being one of the best in the NFL, without that offensive strength the weakness of the defense shines through and brings the team down into the trenches with everyone else.

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