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NFL Pro Bowl 2016: Who’s replacing who in Hawaii?

The Conference Champions are set, the Super Bowl posters have been sent out, the programmes are being printed, and the hats and T

  The Conference Champions are set, the Super Bowl posters have been sent out, the programmes are being printed, and the hats and T-shirts are on standby. The first week in February brings us the culmination of the entire NFL season in the form of AFC winners the Denver Broncos, led by the combination of Manning and Osweiler, and the NFC Champs Carolina, driven by the enigmatic Cam Newton. This is going to be a fantastic end to the season, but first we’re heading to Hawaii! The wonderful state of Hawaii, that beautiful jewel in the Pacific, where they send all the most popular players to take part in the annual Pro Bowl competition. The Pro Bowl being one of the more contentious dates in the calendar from a player and fan perspective. Due to the closeness of the games, all of the players from the teams in the Super Bowl won’t be taking part in the Pro Bowl, so in come the replacements. With several players from the Panthers on the original roster, and four from the Broncos, there are plenty of replacements going on – not to mention various players bowing out with injuries. With a lot of the defensive players announced being based in either Carolina or Denver, this could have a major impact in the quality of the players going into this competition, especially in the defensive backfield. So let’s take a look at the complete list of replacements, and you can make your own conclusions on what impact that will have on the game.

PositionInitial pickReplacement
CDolphinsMike PounceyJetsNick Mangold
CPanthersRyan KhalilBillsEric Wood
CBBroncosChris HarrisColtsVontae Davis
CBBroncosAqib TalibDolphinsBrent Grimes
CBPanthersJosh NormanFalconsDesmond Trufant
CBJetsDarrelle RevisChargersJason Verrett
DEJetsMuhammad WilkersonBengalsCarlos Dunlap
DETexansJJ WattVikingsEverson Griffen
DEPatriotsChandler JonesSaintsCameron Jordan
DTPanthersKawann ShortTitansJurrell Casey
FBPanthersMike TolbertFalconsPatrick DiMarco
FBRaidersMarcel ReecePackersJohn Kuhn
ILBPanthersLuke KuechlyChiefsDerrick Johnson
OGCardinalsMike IupatiBillsRichie Incognito
OGPanthersTrai TurnerBuccaneersLogan Mankins
OLBPatriotsJamie CollinsVikingsAnthony Barr
OLBBroncosDeMarcus WareBuccaneersLavonte David
OLBPanthersThomas DavisRavensElvis Dumervil
OLBChiefsJustin HoustonCowboysSean Lee
OLBBroncosVon MillerPackersJulius Peppers
OTRedskinsTrent WilliamsDolphinsBrandon Albert
OTEaglesJason PetersBearsKyle Long
QBCardinalsCarson PalmerVikingsTeddy Bridgewater
QBPackersAaron RodgersRaidersDerek Carr
QBSteelersBen RoethlisbergerGiantsEli Manning
QBPanthersCam NewtonBillsTyrod Taylor
QBPatriotsTom BradyBuccaneersJameis Winston
RBBillsLeSean McCoyJetsChris Ivory
RBPanthersJonathan StewartRaidersLatavius Murray
SSeahawksCam ChancellorColtsMike Adams
SCardinalsTyrann MathieuEaglesMalcolm Jenkins
SBengalsReggie NelsonDolphinsReshad Jones
SSeahawksEarl ThomasVikingsHarrison Smith
TEPatriotsRob GronkowskiBrownsGary Barnidge
TEPanthersGreg OlsenTitansDelanie Walker
WRJetsBrandon MarshallRaidersAmari Cooper
WRCardinalsLarry FitzgeraldColtsT.Y. Hilton
WRSteelersAntonio BrownDolphinsJarvis Landry
WRLionsCalvin JohnsonJaguarsAllen Robinson

  *Bengals cornerback Adam Jones is being reported by ProFootballTalk and others as going to the Pro Bowl as an alternate, but it has not been reported who he will be replacing.   With these changes in place, the final rosters are set, and the teams can be picked in the round robin later this week. Will this year be a continuation of the decline in play seen in the most recent Pro Bowls, or is this the one where the prospective free agents and Rookies get to turn it up and prove that they can ball with the best? With murmurings about the future of the competition happening for the last couple of years, it’s up to these boys to either re-ignite the game as a real form of competition, or put the matter to bed with a boring showcase to fill a slot in the calendar.

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NFL Pro Bowl 2016: Who’s replacing who in Hawaii?

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