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NFL News Roundup: ICYMI (10 August 2017)

If you missed out on any football news this week, we've got you covered in our latest ICYMI.

A retirement, an unretirement, and a season ending injury all happened this week. In other words, it was a typical early August week. Find out all that and more of what you may have missed in NFL news this week.

Houston Texans

After 11 seasons with the Patriots and two with the Texans, Vince Wilfork has decided to hang up his cleats. Wilfork announced his retirement in a very unique way, and he even made a few bucks doing it.

Wilfork was one of the best nose tackles in the league in his time, and may even be destined for the Hall of Fame in the future. On Wednesday, he signed a one-day contract with the New England Patriots and retired as a member of the team that he won two Super Bowls with.

Miami Dolphins


Monday brought news that fourth-year wide receiver, Jarvis Landry, was under investigation by the NFL stemming from a domestic battery accusation from April. Jarvis and the mother of his child were having a verbal disagreement, during which the police were called, however no charges were filed. According to sources, Landry followed all procedures about informing the team of the issue, but this is the first time the public was informed of the incident.

The NFL is looking into the issue, though Estrella Cerqueira, the mother of Landry's child, says nothing happened: (NFL.com)

In March of 2017 the father of my child and I had a vocal disagreement that resulted in someone calling 911. I, myself did not call the police. When the police arrived they determined that there was no cause for any arrests nor was there any concern for my physical well-being. There were no arrests made, there were no criminal charges, I was not in any way physically harmed. Yes, we are going through a civil family court case and emotions are high, but I would like to make it very clear that Jarvis would never, ever do anything to harm me or anyone else. Jarvis and I are happily raising our beautiful daughter and I would like to make a plea to the media that they refrain from spreading this completely false story.

Based on the given information, I expect Landry to be cleared of any wrong-doing, and this shouldn't have an impact on his playing time this year.

Buffalo Bills


On Monday, the Buffalo Bills officially signed Anquan Boldin to a one-year deal worth $2.75 million. This marks Boldin's 15th year in the NFL, which is quite remarkable for a wide receiver. More remarkable than that, Boldin has been relevant at every stop during his career. Most know Boldin from his career with the Cardinals and Ravens, but he even had good stints with the 49ers and Lions as well. He's coming off a year with eight touchdowns, and if there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's to never question Anquan Boldin or his talent. I'm sure he'll make an impact for a team that could always use another receiver opposite Sammy Watkins.

Jacksonville Jaguars


You may remember that Branden Albert retired from the NFL just last week. Well, now Albert is having the NFL retirement equivalent of buyer's remorse. Reportedly, Albert approached the Jaguars a few days following retirement about the possibility of returning in the future. The Jaguars moved on quickly and appeared okay with proceeding with rookie tackle Cam Robinson to take Albert's place. The Jaguars decided to move Albert to the reserve/retired list, essentially ending his time with the Jaguars, who hold his rights for the remainder of his contract. An awkward situation ended even more awkwardly, and it appears Albert will have to stay retired or convince the Jags to release or trade him.

Also in actual football news, wide receiver Allen Hurns went down in practice on Monday with an unidentified leg injury. To this point, there has been no updates on his injury, but reports say he is unlikely to play in the Jags first preseason game.

Atlanta Falcons


Wednesday morning marked a payday for running back Devonta Freeman. The fourth year running back inked a five-year contract extension worth $41.25 million, including a $15 million signing bonus and $22 million guaranteed. This makes Freeman the richest running back in the league in terms of annual salary, which equals out to $8.25 million per year. Freeman should enjoy his time on top of the running back pay ranks, because he will likely be surpassed by Le'Veon Bell and David Johnson in the near future.

New York Jets


As if the season couldn't get any worse for the Jets, they just lost their incumbent #1 wide receiver. On Monday, Quincy Enunwa suffered a neck injury in practice and was on the ground for several minutes despite no contact being made. The Jets discovered Enunwa had a bulging disk in his neck, which required season-ending surgery. Estimated time for recovery from Enunwa's surgery is six to nine months. As such, the Jets opted to put Enunwa on injured reserve, ending his season before it even started. The Jets don't believe the injury to be career-ending, and he should make a full recovery.

Pittsburgh Steelers


Breaking Wednesday night was the news that Martavis Bryant has been officially cleared by the NFL to participate in practice and all preseason activities. You may recall he was only conditionally reinstated earlier this offseason, and he had to attend mandatory counseling sessions in order to gain full reinstatement. He is still not fully reinstated though. At this point, he is not eligible to participate in regular season competition until the NFL gives him his full reinstatement. This is a good sign for anyone who had doubts though, and as long as Bryant continues attendance at his meetings, he should be fully cleared in time for the regular season.

NFL officials


Also breaking Wednesday was the news NFL fans have been waiting years for: full-time officials. The NFL announced that it will hire up to 24 of its 124 officials as full-time officials. This is great news for the NFL, however it probably should have been done five years ago. It seems that the NFL is finally starting to value the referees, but maybe partially because we've all seen a world without them.


Any instigators want to ask Ed Brickeen if he's over that play yet? I'll give you a hint, he's not.

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NFL News Roundup: ICYMI (10 August 2017)

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