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NFL Fantasy: Is Jacoby Brissett a must-start quarterback?

Jacoby Brissett is the QB-5 over the past two weeks, including his 308-yard performance last week. Is it enough to make him a must-start?

With Andrew Luck’s season officially over, Jacoby Brissett can take ownership of the Colts offense once and for all. The question is, does he want it? In his short tenure with the New England Patriots, Brissett saw limited chances to perform. But he noticed one big difference between the Patriots and the Colts right away. Brissett’s tendency to hold onto the ball too long wasn’t nearly as big a problem working behind the New England offensive line. Behind the Colts’ line, it has proven near-fatal. The mobile Brissett has taken a lot of hits and sacks, many of them as much his fault as the struggling offensive line.

But over the past two games, Brissett is seeing the field better. He still has too many plays when he doesn’t release the ball, but there are many times he looks quick and decisive. His big game against the Texans will build some confidence. The news about Luck lets him know he will be the quarterback all year. Will that be enough to make him a must-start the rest of the season? How about in Week 10?

What else has he done? 

You could argue that his first few games were like a second preseason if you’d like. He was learning a new system, and the Colts wasted no time pulling the plug on his predecessor, Scott Tolzien, in Week 1 before throwing Brissett onto the field. Brissett’s first game yielded only 8.8 NFL fantasy points against the Cardinals, but his second game was against the Cleveland Browns. Two rushing touchdowns helped him to the QB-5 ranking with 27.76 fantasy points. The league was quick to herald him as a bright new star.

Brissett has not achieved those heights again, but a pattern seems to emerge. In a tough matchup with Seattle the following week, He managed only 9.58 fantasy points but followed that up with a respectable 17.96 against San Francisco. For the year, Brissett averages about 10 NFL fantasy points per game against top-third defenses and almost 17 points against the rest of the league.

The past two games, he put up 15.9 points on the Cincinnati Bengals’ 12th-ranked fantasy defense against quarterbacks. Then he put up his best total since the Cleveland game; 19.52 against the Texans. It is impossible to say if this warrants a break in his pattern since Cleveland is trending downward and Houston gives up an average of 19 points a game to passers.

So, that means…

Jacoby Brissett is what he is. He is a raw, young talent with flaws. His consecutive weeks of top-ten NFL fantasy scores were aided by an overall down week for quarterbacks in Week 8 and a favorable matchup in Week 9. He continues to hold the ball too long, too often. Other than his big game with TY Hilton this week, he relies on his tight end and backs to complete short passes. His only 300-yard games were against the Browns and Texans.

His last two games are a continuation of his overall season trend. What that means is that Jacoby Brissett is a worthy streamer candidate against lesser defenses and that is all. He should be benched in unfavorable matchups, including this week’s contest against Pittsburgh.

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NFL Fantasy: Is Jacoby Brissett a must-start quarterback?

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