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NFL Breaking News: Chase Daniel signs with Eagles

Just a week ago the Philadelphia Eagles re-signed Sam Bradford to a 2 year, $36 million contract.

  Just a week ago the Philadelphia Eagles re-signed Sam Bradford to a 2 year, $36 million contract. They currently have Mark Sanchez under contract as well. So the signing today of Chase Daniel is a surprising, and a deeply intriguing, move. While the details of the contract aren’t clear yet the real question is what this does to the Eagles depth chart at Quarterback, and whether it means Mark Sanchez is now an available commodity. Sanchez is only under contract for 2016, carrying a cap hit of $5.5 million. That would be reduced to just $2 million should he move on before the season starts, making him very liquid asset for the Eagles at a time when starting calibre quarterbacks are in short supply. Of course, whether Philadelphia even have one starting calibre signal caller is up for debate. Neither Bradford nor Sanchez performed well in 2015, which is probably why new head coach Doug Pederson felt comfortable enough to bring Daniel with him from Kansas City. Daniel has long been considered one of the better backup quarterbacks in the NFL due to good performances in preseason games and glowing practice reports but he has only started 2 regular season games in his 6 year NFL career and thrown just 77 passes. As soon as this deal is confirmed and the league ratifies the contract I expect General Manager Howie Roseman will be on the phone with Denver, Houston, Los Angeles and all the other quarterback needy teams to test the waters for a possible Sanchez trade. Carrying 3 relatively expensive quarterbacks is unnecessary, especially for a team that has been shedding big contracts as quickly as Philadelphia have been in recent days. Whether or not they get a bite is a different matter. Sanchez is far from being an above average quarterback. He rode the Jets amazing defense to some playoff wins but has been largely unspectacular as a passer. As for the Eagles depth chart? Well I suspect it will be an open competition in the preseason between Bradford and Daniel, but it’s not going to be setting the world alight, nor is it likely to produce someone who can get the Eagles into a position to be playing late into January.

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NFL Breaking News: Chase Daniel signs with Eagles

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