New York Giants: Ben McAdoo has to go

A typically patient franchise needs to pull the trigger on firing the hapless head coach

A 1-7 season is bad enough for a team that made the playoffs last season, but when the players start leaking to reporters that the team has quit and they hate their coach, you have to act.

The Mara family are usually very reluctant to fire a coach. They gave Tom Coughlin several more years than he really deserved, and while his pair of Super Bowls helped, they didn’t want to overly rock the boat. Well, in 2017 the Giants ship has almost capsized. It’s time to get rid of Ben McAdoo.

The leaks

Two anonymous Giants players have come out and told reporters just how unhappy they are with McAdoo’s running of the team.

McAdoo has lost this team […] He’s got us going 80 percent on Saturdays before we get on a plane to play a game. It’s wild. Changed our off day. He’s dishing out fines like crazy. Suspended two of our stars when we need them the most. Throws us under the bus all the time. He’s ran us into the ground and people wonder why we’ve been getting got.

Perhaps the most worrying thing is that these comments reportedly came before their Week 9 hammering at MetLife Stadium. Their 51-17 loss was one of the worst performances in the whole league this season, with the Rams moving the ball at will and seemingly being uncontested on a lot of plays.

Nothing was clearer of the descent and lack of effort than Robert Woods’ 3rd & 33 screen that he took for a touchdown.

Guys are giving up on the season and nothing’s being done. Guys just don’t care anymore.

The lack of leadership

As if McAdoo’s post-game “um” when asked what he said to the team at half-time wasn’t bad enough, the proof of his lack of leadership is clear on the field.

After a brilliant defensive effort in 2016, expectations were high coming into this season, especially with the additions of Brandon Marshall and Evan Engram on offense. Lofty expectations can cause problems, especially when there is an offensive head coach who is leading a unit that has dragged down the whole team. The Giants step back in defense this year (From #2 in DVOA last year to #28 today) reeks of a unit that is unwilling to carry the offense any more.

While McAdoo was defended by Landon Collins and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, the product on the field tells the story.

Time to go

Firing a head coach in year two is rarely a popular thing, but it is clear that he was over-promoted. McAdoo was hired as offensive coordinator in 2014 thanks in part to his success in Green Bay as a tight ends and then quarterback coach. This was for an offense that connected to tight ends rarely and was quarterbacked by Aaron Rodgers… While the Giants had some success with McAdoo early, once the league got tape on what he was doing it was all over. The endless use of 11 personnel, the million and one variants on the slant, the complete lack of cohesive running scheme. The complete lack of adjustments has killed the Giants, and it’s worn on a unit that very nearly carried the Giants back to the Super Bowl last year.

McAdoo has to go, and he has to go soon. There don’t seem to be many obvious head coaching candidates around the NFL right now, but anything is better than what the Giants have right now.

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