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The Crazy Story of Devonte Wilson

Devonte Wilson's workouts have exploded on Instagram, making him the most popular player on Kansas. Only problem is... he's not actually on the team.

Viral videos are now a part of society. With the advent of social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, posting videos to the internet is now easier and faster to do than ever before. With the touch of a button, you can upload your twitch gaming skills, show off your singing voice or even showcase your cooking skills. You can also show how amazing of an athlete you are.

The latter is the case with Devonte Wilson. The viral internet sensation has garnered millions of views through his crazy videos. A football player in high school, Wilson attends the University of Kansas. However, he’s not actually on the team. He’s been mistaken for a college football player as the videos of his workouts became viral.

It’s tough to track down how it started, but it’s likely it was with a tweet from Sports Center, saying that a “Kansas running back” had insane hops, and linking to his Instagram. From there it got picked up by Fox, GQ, Bleacher Report, Fansided, USA Today, and more.

Word eventually got back to the team, who said that Wilson was there for the summer and had one play in a tryout game, which was a run for a gain of just one yard. Now, they get annoyed when asked about him, since the most popular KU player isn’t even on KU.

While he doesn’t play football for the Kansas Jayhawks, he sure is a workhorse in the gym.

A Workout Wunderkind

Wilson’s workouts have been praised for their uniqueness and brutal difficulty. Some of them are almost impossible to believe.

One of the workouts that has people’s heads spinning is the plank Wilson performs. Normally, people perform their planks with absolutely no weight on their backs. Planks are used to strengthen the core of the body and are hard enough to perform correctly without weight bearing down on your back.

However, Wilson looks difficulty in the eye and spits in it. Devonte performs the planks with 450 pounds of weight on his back – and he performs them successfully.

One of Devonte’s most famous workouts involves water and running. If you can put those two together, you’re in for one heck of a workout. Wilson places a treadmill underwater and runs on it at varying speeds. With water bearing down on you, it’s an amazingly hard task to complete just once. It’s also extremely difficult to pull off at high speeds. Wilson impresses as he runs on the underwater treadmill at both 6 mph and 10 mph. Oh, and of course, this video has over 14 million views.

Pumped About Jumping

Another Devonte Wilson workout that has the internet buzzing is his box jumps. If you need to perform a workout on a shoestring budget, this particular workout would be great for you to try. However, you may not want to ratchet up the difficulty as Devonte does.

The workout itself is quite simple: You jump onto a stack of boxes. It helps strengthen your calves and also helps your balance. Of course, Wilson has to add his signature flair to everything he does – and he doesn’t disappoint with this workout.

In his videos, Wilson stacks the boxes almost 7 feet high for his jumps. He’s jumping well over his height, and he does it without missing a beat.

Speaking of jumping, Devonte routinely jumps, hops and leaps over tall objects and stacks of milk crates and boxes. Some of his videos would make Olympic long jumpers jealous.

Wilson has a natural gift for athletics. His strong work ethic and innate ability to come up with creative routines will continue to make him an internet sensation. As for actually playing football? We’ll watch and see if he ever gets a shot to translate what he does at the gym onto the field.

Should Wilson get another shot on the football field? Comment below.

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The Crazy Story of Devonte Wilson

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