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Miami Dolphins: Why signing Jay Cutler is a mistake

With Ryan Tannehill's health in question, the Miami Dolphins are reportedly looking to sign Jay Cutler. We're here to tell you why he should stay in the booth.

On Thursday, Ryan Tannehill fell in practice without contact, and he immediately grabbed his knee; a sight that no football fan wants to see. Throughout the last few days, his health has come into question, and now his season outlook is murky. The Dolphins have had talks with former Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler, about signing with them for the year. 

In fact, as of late Friday night, some outlets are already reporting a contract has been agreed upon. However, this has yet to be confirmed by enough outlets. In my mind, there is so much wrong with this picture, and I’m here to lay out every reason why signing Cutler would be a mistake for the Dolphins.

The pro(s)

The one thing people keep bringing up is that Jay Cutler knows Adam Gase's offense, and he had maybe his best year when he played under Adam Gase. While his numbers under Gase reflect this, it doesn't say much about Cutler. Cutler had 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions in his 2015 season with Gase, which was one of the lowest interception totals of his career. He also posted his best quarterback rating of his career and led the Bears to four fourth quarter comebacks in 2015. 

The cons

So, after ten seasons in the NFL, we're led to believe that Jay Cutler went from a mediocre quarterback to a slightly less mediocre quarterback under Adam Gase. I'm not buying in. You can't deny he didn't have a better season under Gase, but it wasn't like he set the league on fire with his numbers either. The Bears went 6-9 under Cutler that year.

Speaking of which, Cutler has a losing record in his 11 year career, going 68-71, and he hasn't had a winning season since 2012. The guy is a perennial loser, and I've never understood why he had a starting job for so long. Sure, he's got a cannon for an arm, or at least he used to. 

I always hear people talk about how much of a "gunslinger" Cutler is, but guess how many times he has thrown for 400 yards in a game? Once: in a 2008 game against Cleveland. In 141 career games (including playoffs), this "gunslinger" has only thrown for 400 yards once. Not the guy I want leading me to the playoffs, which, for the record, he's only been to once with a 1-1 record. And that gunslinger arm of his only helps if he can stay healthy.

Oh yeah, that "health" thing isn't easy for Cutler either. He hasn't played a full season since 2009. Although, I'm sure his teammates didn't mind him not being in the locker room. 

In case you didn't know, Jay Cutler is among the most hated teammates in the league, as it has been reported by multiple sources over the years. His love for the game has also come into question over the years as well. I'm sure all these factors led to him taking a commentary job with Fox Sports this offseason.

Stick with Matt Moore

The Dolphins already have a mediocre, yet reliable, quarterback in backup Matt Moore. Moore has been referred to by many as one of the better backups in the league, and he's stepped in during crisis times before. He's 15-13 as a starter; yes, a winning record. 

He continued to steer the boat during last season when Tannehill went down with his knee injury and got the Dolphins to the playoffs. Besides, it's already been seen that the offense is primarily run through the ground game and Jay Ajayi. The quarterback in Miami doesn't need to do much, and Matt Moore can fulfill all the needs of the position for the team. Plus, he's actually been in Adam Gase's system with the same players, unlike Cutler. With Cutler, the projected deal is around $13 million. Matt Moore is making just under $2 million.

Moore is not a headache in the locker room, he actually likes football, he's familiar with the team, he's led them successfully before, and his skill set is very comparable to Cutler's. There is zero reason to sign the tangled hair that is Jay Cutler. Though, despite all this, I fear they will anyway.

Do you think the Dolphins will sign Jay Cutler? Let us know in the comments below! 

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  • John Mccallum

    First off Matt Moore has been in Adam Gase’s system for the same amount of time Cutler was. But, Matt’s been around the offensive players of this team for almost all of them for their carriers! That sir is a very big difference! Cutler would not know nobody, or how they play, or what they like doing on certain plays. Matt Moore does! Also, Cutler would upset the harmony of the club house, & that leads to disorder on the football field! Also, it would piss off the veterans of the team to bring in a bum Like Cutler & pay him more money than the team pays Matt! As a life long Dolphins fan it makes me think that Tannenbaum is going to do another Jets stink job in Miami! I know there are a lot of Tannehill haters out there, I myself is NOT ONE OF THEM! I ask them this question, who would YOU RATHER SEE THROW THE FOOTBALL? Tannehill or Cutler? I really believe that Moore can do a fine job, the team just needs to fined a better backup option than Brandan Doughty as backup QB to Matt!! If the team does bring in Cutler, it’s because they want to tank the season for a top 5 DRAFT PICK!! I would not put nothing past Mike Tannenbaum for doing something like that! And remember this folk’s, Tannenbaum traded a bunch of draft picks to move up & drafted MARK SANCEZ! Are team had a very good QB in Ryan Tannehill, And the team doctor’s & are front office blundered on Ryan’s injury! He should’ve had surgery within ten days of getting hurt last season, & he would’ve only missed games to about late Nov. to early Dec. Now Ryan’s gone until next year! We need a new V.P of operation’s & a new GM! The team needs a lot better front of than they have right now!!! NO MORE OF THESE BILL PARCELL’S REJECTS!!!! John

Miami Dolphins: Why signing Jay Cutler is a mistake

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