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Jacoby Brissett will have a starting job in 2018

The young quarterback's stock is rising after his improved play in recent weeks

Jacoby Brissett has elevated his level of play in the Colts last couple games. In Indianapolis’ last two outings, Brissett has thrown four touchdowns to just one interception, completed 65.2% of his 69 pass attempts, and the team looked much more competitive. Last week against the Texans was the first 300 yard passing game of Brissett’s career and his highest-ever passer rating (122.6). If Brissett continues to progress the rest of the season, he will have earned a starting quarterback job. But Andrew Luck will return as the Colts starter no matter how Brissett plays, his opportunity will not come in Indianapolis.

Season of change

There is change coming for a lot of good NFL teams. Long-time franchise quarterbacks have been faced with the inevitable regression of play that comes with old-age; teams across the league have to begin thinking about replacing their quarterback. Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, Andy Dalton, Carson Palmer and Philip Rivers, are all franchise guys that have seen a drop-off in play, which means there will be more teams than ever looking for a quarterback in the upcoming offseason.

Brissett will be on the market this offseason and will get likely get his pick of the many vacancies. His quarterback rating so far this year (85.6) is impressive considering he is playing behind arguably the worst offensive line in the NFL. Brissett has been sacked a league leading 32 times despite not playing in Week 1, with the next closest quarterback six behind at 26. 

Notable quarterbacks with a lower QB Rating than Jacoby Brissett

NamePasser Rating
Jacoby Brissett85.6
Marcus Mariota85.4
Carson Palmer84.4
Ben Roethlisberger82.7
Cam Newton78.4
Trevor Siemian76.8
Joe Flacco72.7

Best landing spots

Assuming Brissett won’t stay in Indianapolis to be Andrew Luck’s backup next season, he will be playing in a new city come 2018. No one wants to go to a franchise that’s in rebuilding mode, and luckily for Brissett there are plenty of decent teams looking for a quarterback. Here a couple of the best places Jacoby Brissett can land. 

Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger has talked about retiring on multiple occasions in the past and his play this year makes it feel like that time could come sooner rather than later. Big Ben is struggling this year, his QB rating and his touchdown total this year is on pace for his worst since 2008. If Roethlisberger decides this is it, the quarterback vacancy in Pittsburgh will be good landing spot for whoever takes over; with weapons like Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell, Brissett could walk into the locker room with instant playoff expectations.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals have been trying to figure out if Andy Dalton is their guy for a long time and it seems they are ready to go another way. Cincinnati has had to downplay rumors that players want AJ McCarron to start, a guy they also tried to trade right the deadline. So the Bengals sound ready to look elsewhere for a quarterback, and going to Cincinnati would be a nice upgrade for Brissett. The team has an excellent defense that can pick him up when he struggles, and as a top-target in the league in AJ Green. If rookie Joe Mixon and the run game pick up, this team could be a good destination for Jacoby Brissett in the offseason.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars may make the playoffs this year despite their awful quarterback situation. Blake Bortles was almost benched for Chad Henne this offseason, and his head coach literally said that he wished Bortles never threw the ball. But take away Bortles and this team is electric. The Jacksonville defense is probably the best in the league, allowing only 14.6 points per game and 281 yards of total offense. And unlike the Bengals rookie running back, Leonard Fournette has been a workhorse for the Jags, rushing for 99 yards a game and averaging 4.6 yards per attempt. If the Jags could bring in a competent quarterback like Brissett, we may start taking them more serious as a contender.

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Jacoby Brissett will have a starting job in 2018

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