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Introducing DUI: a brand new, exclusive stat to measure how unblockable NFL defenses are

Yesterday, we introduced you to GOBI, the Gaskin Offensive Blocking Index: a unique stat, exclusive to RealSport, that measures how well teams can block on offense. Well, today we are proud to introduce you to GOBI’s sister stat: DUI, or Defensive Unblockability Index.

DUI uses the same formula as GOBI, but approaches it from the “opposite direction”. The formula rewards defenses for sacks, QB hits and tackles for a loss; it punishes defenses for allowing rushing touchdowns, or rushing first downs. Yards-per-carry is used as a “base metric”. All these stats, when put into the GOBI formula, tells us how well an offense blocked a given defense – or, flipping it around, how hard that defense was to block.

Unlike GOBI, we’ll only be tracking DUI on a cumulative, season-long basis, so the figures you’ll see below reflects how difficult each team has been to block over the course of the 2015 season so far. As with GOBI, positive scores are good, negative scores are bad, and there’s no upper or lower limit for a DUI score.

So with that said, we’re delighted to reveal how every team scores on the Defensive Unblockability Index!

  1. New England Patriots, DUI: +30.08
  2. St. Louis Rams, DUI: +28.84
  3. New York Jets, DUI: +28.44
  4. Denver Broncos, DUI: +27.69
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers, DUI: +26.35
  6. Cincinnati Bengals, DUI: +23.07
  7. Baltimore Ravens, DUI: +21.47
  8. Arizona Cardinals, DUI: +19.90
  9. Seattle Seahawks, DUI: +17.06
  10. Carolina Panthers, DUI: +16.53
  11. Minnesota Vikings, DUI: +13.78
  12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, DUI: +13.45
  13. Philadelphia Eagles, DUI: +13.32
  14. Green Bay Packers, DUI: +13.02
  15. Jacksonville Jaguars, DUI: +12.79
  16. Houston Texans, DUI: +11.75
  17. Kansas City Chiefs, DUI: +7.65
  18. Detroit Lions, DUI: +7.34
  19. Tennessee Titans, DUI: +5.97
  20. Indianapolis Colts, DUI: +5.18
  21. Dallas Cowboys, DUI: +2.00
  22. Miami Dolphins, DUI: +1.96
  23. Oakland Raiders, DUI: -3.12
  24. Buffalo Bills, DUI: -6.20
  25. Atlanta Falcons, DUI: -6.73
  26. New York Giants, DUI: -6.91
  27. New Orleans Saints, DUI: -8.71
  28. Chicago Bears, DUI: -9.56
  29. San Diego Chargers, DUI: -10.07
  30. Washington Redskins, DUI: -12.69
  31. Cleveland Browns, DUI: -17.80
  32. San Francisco 49ers, DUI: -17.94

So, what can we learn from DUI? For one thing, it explains something that might have seemed odd in the season-long GOBI scores – namely that one of the two perfect teams, the Patriots, had a negative GOBI score. Well, now that we look at DUI, it makes a bit more sense: the Patriots have the most unblockable defense in the NFL.

Of course, having a high DUI score doesn’t necessarily translate to a winning season – take a look at the Ravens, who have the seventh-highest DUI score on the season. However, it’s not too surprising that the Ravens do have a relatively high scores – they currently tied for the ninth most sacks in 2015, but are equally good against the run, allowing the joint-seventh fewest rushing touchdowns and third-fewest first downs on the ground. Now, that undoubtedly also speaks to how weak the Ravens are in coverage, but that’s not what DUI is trying to measure – it purely measures how good a job the defensive front do of being unblockable (and, indeed, how well the DC can design and call hard-to-block schemes).

RealSport will be updating the DUI rankings every week, so make sure to check back for the only stat that measures how unblockable a defense is!

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Introducing DUI: a brand new, exclusive stat to measure how unblockable NFL defenses are

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